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    Meet our team! This is Gena Simpson, an Application Specialist at Liner Legal, your #1 choice to get Cleveland OH disability benefits! Gena and the Disability Warriors at Liner Legal are passionate about fighting for YOU. Learn more about Emily by reading the blog below!

    1. What is your background: I  have a Bachelor’s of Business degree. I have also worked for Disability Determinations in Orlando, Tallahassee, and Pensacola.
    2. What is your favorite thing about working at Liner Legal: My favorite part of working at Liner Legal is the people I get to work with every day. I also love helping and talking to our clients.
    3. What do you look forward to most in your career with Liner Legal? I am truly looking forward to seeing our office grow and help more people. I love seeing all the wonderful things my co-workers are doing to help the disabled and the work they are doing in the community.
    4. Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I lived in Chicago and went to the Oprah show twice. I have two daughters and a husband (dated 11 years, married 31 years this year) and live 10 minutes from the beach.
    5. Tell me about your family: I am married to my husband, Mike. I also have two daughters, Whitley Simpson and Meg Simpson. Whitley is graduating from PA school at the University of Florida in June and is getting married in October. Meg lives in Seattle, WA, and works for a big insurance company.
    6. Do you have any pets? We have three dogs:  Pearl, Koda, and Milo. I also have one grand dog named Bentley and one grand named Felix.
    7. What is your favorite food? Mexican and seafood
    8. What is your favorite TV Show? 90-day Fiance’
    9. What do you do in your spare time: Cross-stitch, needlepoint, watch television and walk on my treadmill.
    10. What makes you a disability warrior: I am a Disability Warrior because I never quit. I will always do whatever it takes to complete a mission.

    Our friendly team of disability warriors is ready to get you the disability benefits you deserve! If you are looking for Wooster OH disability lawyers, Warren OH disability lawyers, or disability benefits in Ohio, call the Best Columbus Disability Lawyers– Liner Legal! We are here to help everyone in Ohio get the benefits they need. Contact us by clicking here.