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    Michael Liner Cleveland, OH Disability attorney

    Michael is considered by his peers and the thousands of clients he has helped to be one of the nation’s top attorneys practicing social security disability law, and the leader of the next generation of disability lawyers. Since founding Liner Legal in 2013, Michael has helped his clients obtain billions of dollars in Social Security benefits through vigorous representation and unmatched customer service. While Michael loves being an attorney, his passion for helping those in need fuels his drive to provide a client experience that exceeds that of any other law firm in America. Michael’s decision to pursue a career as a disability attorney was inspired by his childhood.

    From a young age, he knew what it felt like to be labeled as “different” because he was sent to, and later expelled from, a school for children with attention and behavior problems. Michael also dealt with a range of neurological disorders including epilepsy and motor tic syndrome. Fortunately, with help and support from his family and mentors, he used his challenges to his advantage – ultimately creating a company allowing him to help those struggling with situations and experiences similar to his own.

    The most rewarding moment of Michael’s career —so far—was at the completion of the first Liner Legal Largest Loser challenge in 2018 when a contestant informed Michael that because of his participation he was no longer considered diabetic by his doctors.

    Michael has successfully represented thousands of claimants seeking Social Security Disability benefits at all stages of litigation — from initial applications up through the Federal District Court level. His philosophy about what it takes to win a disability case is simple, yet surprisingly unique: coach clients endlessly about the importance of developing their medical treatment notes and then a tenacious cross-examination of vocational and medical experts during their disability hearings. Michael’s success rate can be described in one statement: “He wins all of the cases he’s supposed to, and many of the cases he isn’t.”

    In addition to Liner Legal, Michael is the founder of Elevate Disability and the Disability Law Mastermind, and serves on numerous community and non-profit boards. He loves speaking and writing about the nuances of disability law and service-oriented legal practices.

    Why Choose Michael Liner, Disability Attorney in Cleveland, OH

    Michael understands what you are going through and will do whatever he can in his power to get you the help you need.You won’t be disappointed when you contact Michael Liner – Cleveland, Ohio Disability Attorney. Many of our clients come to us from the Cleveland area, but we also serve the communities of Akron, Canton, ColumbusSandusky, Warren, and Youngstown through office visits by appointment.Reach him by telephone at 216-282-1773 or e-mail at mliner@linerlegal.com.







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