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    Andrew November Cleveland, OH Disability Attorney

    As the first member of his family to go to law school, Andrew had two unwavering aspirations: to engage in courtroom battles and to champion the rights of those who had suffered injustices. Throughout his time in law school, Andrew focused his education on civil rights, becoming a master of the rules that govern the courtroom. In 2009, his last year of law school, our country saw the most significant economic downtown since The Great Depression. For this first-generation lawyer, Andrew knew that before he could fight for others, he had to fight for himself. Andrew, unsatisfied with offers to review documents or draft contracts, found himself at the intersection of an opportune moment—a bustling Social Security Disability firm in search of a young lawyer eager to step into the courtroom.

    The summer following his final year in law school became more than preparation for the Ohio Bar; it became an immersion into the nuances of Social Security Disability benefits litigation. Andrew promised his first employer that he would pass the bar on his initial attempt and pledged to be courtroom-ready upon obtaining his license. Delving into Social Security law, he studied unfavorable decisions, scrutinized government case denials, and developed a sharp ability to identify strengths in his clients’ cases and weaknesses in the government’s arguments. A mere nine days after being licensed, Andrew found himself in court, passionately advocating for those unable to advocate for themselves.

    After years of mastering Social Security law through administrative appeals, briefing cases in the United States District Court, and advocating for legal reforms before the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, Andrew sought a new battleground: ERISA Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits.

    A pivotal moment arose when a close family member informed Andrew that her insurance company, the same entity that had promised to support her through tough times, summarily denied her claim without providing a clear explanation. Andrew sensed an opportunity to engage in a fight. Recognizing that insurance companies, through billion-dollar advertising campaigns, pledged compassion while collecting premiums and systematically denying claims, Andrew began dedicating his practice to challenging insurance companies on denials.

    While Andrew continues to navigate the daily challenges of Social Security litigation, he has refined his disability benefits practice to compel insurance companies to fulfill their promises. Expanding his reach to represent insured individuals nationwide, Andrew is admitted to practice in six Federal Districts and the United States Supreme Court, poised to step into the ring wherever the fight may be.

    Your Disability Attorney in Cleveland Ohio

    Andrew found his calling and life’s passion in disability litigation, whether it’s fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves or by empowering those who want to fight with an aggressive litigator by their side. During his career, Andrew has handled over 2,000 hearings before Administrative Law Judges in Social Security Disability cases.

    In addition to Deaf Advocacy and Social Security Disability claims, Andrew is recognized as an accredited attorney by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs to help our nation’s veterans. Andrew also represents individuals in claims involving Short Term Disability & Long Term Disability.

    Andrew’s advocacy also extends to those individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Andrew’s focus is on Deaf discrimination as well as the denial of effective communication. since 2015 Andrew has served on the Deafness Advocacy Committee for the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center. While conversational in American Sign Language, Andrew is working continuously to become fully fluent.

    Andrew is completely taught by his wife Keri. Keri, born profoundly deaf, earned an M.A. degree in teaching American Sign Language from Columbia University in New York. Contact Andrew, a disability lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio. Many of our clients come to us from the Cleveland area, but we also serve the communities of AkronCanton, ColumbusYoungstown, Warren, and Sandusky through office appointments. Call today to schedule your appointment!






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