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    Frequently Asked Questions 

    At Liner Legal, we know that when applying for disability benefits there are a lot of unknowns. Please refer to the list of frequently asked questions below to get the answers that you need! Most questions have a video linked with a direct answer from a Liner Legal attorney- so make sure to watch!

    The answer to these questions depends on the type of benefit you are applying for. In most cases, food stamps are not considered earnings that go towards SGA (substantial gainful activity). However, if you are applying for SSI, which is a needs-based program, Social Security may reduce the amount of benefits you will receive. For more information on this topic, watch this video with Michael Liner by clicking here. 

    There are no specific laws that require your payments to be lowered for rent, a mortgage, car note, and more while applying for or receiving disability benefits. However, at Liner Legal, we understand that while applying for or receiving benefits, your income is not the same as it was before you were disabled. That is why we hired our Client Concierge, Jordyn Paratore. She works with you to help in any way she can. To contact the office and speak to Jordyn, click here. To watch a full explanation of this question with Michael Liner, click here

    Many people are experiencing “long haul” symptoms of COVID-19. While they have recovered COVID-19, symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, and more are persisting. While disability benefits are not being granted specifically for COVID-19, we do have clients applying for disability benefits for their long-haul symptoms. For more information on this from Michael Liner, watch the video by clicking here.  

    For a full breakdown of Physical Conditions that may allow you to receive disability benefits. For more information on Physiological Conditions that may allow you to receive disability benefits. 

    At Liner Legal, we understand that oftentimes, a caregiver in a home is not able to work. Currently, the SSA doesn’t offer caregivers specific disability benefits. However, our team at Liner Legal will be able to help you work with local programs that may be able to offer assistance. For more information on this topic, watch the video here

    Whether friends and family are allowed in the room during your telephone or video disability hearing is decided by the judge. Some will allow it, while others won’t. Regardless of what the judge decides, it’s very important that you are in an area where you can focus and have little to no noise interruption. For more information from Michael Liner on this topic, watch the video here

    Michael Liner says if there is anything you are unsure of, ASK QUESTIONS! If a judge or lawyer asks you something and you don’t understand, don’t guess. Make sure to ask for clarity so that all of your answers are clear, concise, and correct. For more tips on this topic from Michael Liner, watch the video here.

    The key to winning a disability case is not your word, promising that you have a disability. As your disability warriors, we have to prove you have a disability. Our lawyers have found that the key and #1 way to win your disability case lies in the medical records. Having thorough, clear, concise medical records documenting when your disability began and the treatment for the disability allows us to show your disability to a judge. For more information on the key to winning your disability case, watch the video here

    This is a question we see more and more coming into our office. As doctors prescribe medical marijuana to their patients to treat their disabilities, clients are worried they won’t be able to get benefits. Liner Legal attorney Michael Liner says that as long as you are being prescribed medical marijuana from your doctor and you are continuing treatment, it should not impact your disability benefits. For more information from Michael on this topic, watch the video here.