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Liner Legal is a team of dedicated and dynamic disability lawyers and support staff. As disability lawyers in Northeast Ohio, we work together to devote our energy and resources to give you the best possible outcome when we are fighting for your rights. Office visits by appointment in Akron, Canton, ColumbusYoungstown, and Sandusky.

Our firm handles a variety of disability cases, including:

Liner Legal was founded in 2013 by Michael Liner. From there he assembled a staff that is passionate about working their hardest to fight for your disability benefits. Our office provides effective legal representation and customer service. As a smaller firm, we will give your case the attention it deserves and you won’t get lost in a sea of clients.

We have received favorable decisions for thousands of clients. Many of our clients are referred to us by members of the community and we are honored by their trust in our law firm. Furthermore, we understand that every disability presents itself different, and the symptoms are not always seen.

Disability Attorneys in Northeast Ohio

Our attorneys empathize with those who have a disability and we are aware of the physical and emotional challenges individuals with disabilities face. We will take the time to fully understand how the onset of a disability affects your life. Once knowing the full extent of your situation, we will let you know your available options.

Are you living with a physical or mental health impairment that is interfering with your ability to work? Are you at the end of the ropes at your job, or have you even recently stopped working due to a disability? If you have a physical or mental health issue that will keep you from working for a year or more, then you may be eligible for Social Security disability. Not being able to work and afford basic necessities for you and your family is a scary concept. We are here to help. There are two main programs under Social Security Disability. They are:
  • Social Security Disability Insurance: These benefits are paid to individuals who have worked and paid into the Social Security system. In general, an employee must have worked five out of the last ten years immediately prior to the onset of disability to be eligible.
  • Supplemental Security Income: This program is need-based, and to be eligible for it there are income and resource limitations. An individual must have little to no income, as well as few assets.
The process of obtaining Social Security disability is long and confusing, but Liner Legal will work with you every step of the way.
No one ever expects to suffer an injury or illness that disrupts their ability to work. When you are hurt on the job, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation. However, what happens when the onset of an injury or illness occurs off the clock? This is when a long-term disability policy comes into play. Long-term disability is a form of insurance that can cover 50 to 80 percent of the salary you were receiving prior to the start of your disability. These policies begin after a short-term disability insurance policy ends, typically after three to six months. Long-term disability is either provided by your employer or there is an option for individuals to buy one of the policies. The benefits of long-term disability last until you are able to return to work, or for a specified number of years as stated in your policy. Long-term disability can cover issues such as musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc. To qualify, you must prove you are disabled, have worked long enough to be an insured employee, and paid insurance premiums, if required. At Liner Legal, we understand how hard it is to recover from an injury or illness without a steady income, which is why we are dedicated to helping our clients in need.
An invisible disability is a disability that is not seen, but it is there. Being Deaf or hard of hearing falls into this category. Individuals who have a form of hearing loss are entitled to the same rights as anyone else under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA guarantees the same rights to employment, government programs, and services, public accommodations and telecommunications. Liner Legal takes on cases involving hearing loss to help clients retain their rights under the ADA. With Liner Legal, you will not be reduced to a decibel level. Hearing loss is more than a number, and we will fight to make sure you receive the same rights as everyone else. Each case of hearing loss is different and the attorneys at Liner Legal will work to fully understand your situation. Liner Legal attorney Andrew November is conversational in American Sign Language (ASL). If you or someone you know experiences hearing loss, contact us to speak with an attorney that understands your needs.

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