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    At Liner Legal, our disability warriors are proud to hear reviews from our clients. Knowing what we did right, and how we can do better makes us stronger warriors for you! Read some of our favorite reviews below, and remember you can leave us reviews at any of the locations below!

    What Clients Say About Us

    Very polite and on time straight to the point and very direct they won my.case in the first try i surely do recommend them to someone.
    Cherisse M.
    Liner Legal, LLC have given fantastic legal representation. Andrew November handled my case and did an excellent job. Even when I was discouraged and thinking of giving up they kept the process moving forward and the results in turn were favorable for me. I give them a Highest Recommendation
    Ronald K.
    I only gave him 5 stars Micheal Liner is the greatest disability lawyer I’ve seen he takes his time with your case is very caring and he answers your questions completely and honestly I have sent him email of questions or concerns that i have over the weekend or early in the morning waiting for a response the next day but he emails me right back even on Sundays and Holidays and after business hours so i know i can put my trust in him
    Terry W.
    Andrew November and his staff at Liner Legal are a tremendous group of dilligent, compassionate, kind and expedient professionals. Should you require assistance with your disability claim(s), do not hesitate to contact this firm. They will guide you through the arduous process with the greatest of ease and expertise. This is truly a fine group of people who go out of their way to help others. It has been my sincere pleasure getting to know them and work with them. I highly recommend this law firm!
    Sharon C.
    I highly recommend the team at Liner Legal. My wife and I retained their services for a disability case. We worked with Mr. November and he was extremely thorough, professional, and caring. He took care of everything and was able to get full benefits for us
    Cameron C.
    This is a great firm. I filed on my own for social security and got denied so reached out to this law firm and within months had a court date and won. They do things in a professional and caring matter. I highly recommend Liner Legal.
    Michelle M.
    Mr. Liner is a really good person he took his time with my case and actually did work and listened to what I had to say. He started right away on it and he even went to another state for me. He was much more help than my previous lawyer I was supposed to be working with my previous lawyer got me denied twice and never submitted any information and Mr. Liner came in and won my case for me he showed he cared so I’ll give him 10 stars if I could.
    Shayia T.
    I highly recommend Liner Legal, LLC. It was a positive experience that gave me a feeling of being supported. While talking with Andrew November, I felt listened to when discussing my situation, for the first time…and his quick actions showed me that he felt my frustration. Andrew and his team there at Liner Legal, LLC are efficient and organized, leaving me with confidence in how they run their office, and how they take care of their clients. They also pay attention to details, note them down and have great follow through. If the need arises, I will definitely be using Liner Legal, LLC, in the future! Thank you for your help!
    Lori M.
    Working with Andrew November was a pleasant and calming experience for me. I was very nervous about the whole disability process. However he took over and left me feeling very confident in his abilities. He was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns and made sure that I knew every step of the way what was happening. Today, less than 3 months after first speaking with Andrew, I received notice that I have been approved for SSD. I am certain that it is due to his capability and experience that I was so quickly approved. I’ve already recommended him to a couple acquaintances and will continue to do so.
    Kimberly W.
    While working in the disability community with Andrew November, I’ve come to know that he is highly competent, innovative, thoughtful, compassionate, and kind. I would refer my own family to Andrew and know that he would take care of them as passionately as I would myself. His dedication and commitment to the disability community and the Deaf community is evidence of his personal investment in his clients, their needs and concerns, and our communities.
    Davidmods B.
    Andrew November and his team have taken care of my clients for quite a while with no complaints whatsoever. They are all compassionate and hard working such that they are able to obtain the best possible results. I can’t possibly offer a higher recommendation!
    Matt L.
    I was one of Andrew November’s first clients. I knew I had found a professional but also a very compassionate person . My case was drawn out over two years but he never gave up the fight for me. I am forever grateful for his hard work and determination. I truly recommend him to be your champion also. Thank you Andrew November for your hard work and for being there for me and winning my case.
    Marion S.
    Andrew November is not only a top notch lawyer but an awesome human being. He understands the needs of the Deaf community and the needs of the differently abled. I would recommend anyone at Liner Legal, especially Andrew. What a wonderful team!It makes a HUGE difference to have personalized, competent, LOCAL help with your case!
    Rachel G.
    Excellent lawyer worked very hard to get what you deserve. Answered every email right away. Made sure he had ever thing the judge wanted on hand. All I had to do is sit back while him and his office took care of the case. I felt like I could talk to him about anything. Thanks Michael Liner I definitely recommend him…It makes a HUGE difference to have personalized, competent, LOCAL help with your case!
    Tiffany A.
    I originally filed for disability benefits in July of 2015 and was denied. After 3 months I had become very ill and was unable to work more than 15 hours a week. In March of 2016 I lost my job and went on unemployment. Knowing my unemployment benefits were going to run out soon I sought the help of Michael Liner to obtain my disability benefits. I met with him in late September and was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He somehow obtained me my disability benefits within 6 weeks of our first meeting. He was very efficient and responded promptly to any questions or concerns I contacted him with. I was completely satisfied with the service I received from Michael and his staff. I recommend Mr. Liner to anyone needing help in obtaining their disability benefits.
    Jason R.
    Michael Liner is an excellent social security disability attorney. His communication with his clients far exceeded my expectations. His office is efficient and follows through like no other staff in the legal profession. Michael cares about his clients and demonstrates that with every communication. You won’t be left alone through the daunting social security process. I highly recommend Michael Liner to any person applying for disability benefits. His communication is fast and efficient. I attempted to file for benefits on my own and could not get through the process. I gave up. I reached out to Michael and he was there for me every step of the way.
    Sophia P.
    “I cannot say enough good about Liner Legal. I previously chose a national firm, where every time I called I got a different person in a different state! No one EVER called or emailed to update me on my case, so it was no shock I was initially denied. After reading reviews on some bar review sites, I decided to try Liner Legal. I can get quick answers to any questions I may have, and I felt 100% prepared when it came time to appear for the hearing.”
    Gayla M.
    “I can’t say enough good things about Liner Legal. They never made me feel like just another name and number but that they actually cared about my case and me. They answered each and every question that I had along the way in a way that made it easy for me to understand. If you are looking for a professional staff that genuinely cares about you, then I highly recommend Liner Legal!”
    Robert B.
    “I highly recommend Michael Liner to everyone. Not only was he professional, highly experienced, he was compassionate, caring, and kind(as his entire staff is also) What was an already stressful and seemingly hopeless and confusing process, Michael turned into a blessing and gave my life hope again. Words of thanks and praise don’t seem to do justice. God bless Michael and his staff, I am a life they made a difference in.”
    Maria R.