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    Liner Legal, your first choice to win Cleveland OH disability benefits, believes in educating our clients about the best services and resources in their area. Today, we are featuring a different kind of medical practice that helps the community at large in many ways. Our Medical Professional of the month is Dr. Kevin Burroughs, Owner and Chiropractic Physician at Cleveland Performance Chiropractic (CPC). Liner Legal’s Katie Nobles sat down with Dr. Burroughs to learn about him, and CPC. Read the interview below for more!

    About Dr. Kevin

    KN: Tell me about your education and background? 

    KB: I grew up in Kent, Ohio and went Kent Roosevelt High School. I graduated in 2010 from  Central Michigan University with a bachelors in athletic training/sports medicine. I was then a graduate assistant athletic trainer at Penn State University working with their men’s and women’s tennis teams. I left after a semester to work in professional baseball with the Arizona Diamondbacks. I spent 3 seasons with Arizona and then went back to school to get my doctorate in chiropractic at Logan University in St.Louis, Missouri. I  graduated chiropractic school in December of 2017. 

    KN: You worked specifically in sports medicine before opening Cleveland Performance Chiropractic (CPC). Tell me about that part of your career with the  Arizona Diamondbacks. 

    KB: Starting in high school, I wanted to work in pro baseball as an athletic trainer. I did 3  separate unpaid internships during my undergrad working with the Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays organizations. Those connections lead to an interview and a job offer with Arizona. Arizona is known as a very progressive sports medicine staff and I  would not be doing what I am now if it wasn’t for those 3 years with that staff. In the minor leagues, there is only one athletic trainer and one strength and conditioning coach per team. Between the two of us, we managed, treated and rehabbed all injuries that occurred during the year. Injuries ranged from sprained ankles, hamstring tears, UCL tears (Tommy John ligament), low back pain, and shoulder impingement. Our goal was to keep our players on the field and avoid extended time off due to injury. I also was the “travel agent” for road trips. For each trip, I had to send our room list to the hotels,  coordinate bus times with bus company, manage player duties (bat bags, tees, ball bags, trunks, etc.), and coordinate with opposing teams clubhouse staff on our arrival times (and about 1000 other things not related to sports medicine). Just like players,  you work your way up in the organization with the hopes of reaching the majors. I was lucky enough to get promoted each year and spent my final year in AA with our affiliate in Mobile, Alabama. 

    KN: After that part of your career, what made you decide to get into the chiropractic field? 

    KB: As much as I loved my job in baseball, it is a tough job to have a good work/life balance.  I would work 12+ hour days 7 days a week. I never had a day off during the season. I  was dating my now-wife during the last 2 years in baseball. I knew if I continued to work

    in baseball I would not be with the woman I love. I knew the job and lifestyle was not sustainable if I wanted to settle down and start a family. I knew I wanted to stay in the sports medicine field and start my own business but knew it would be tough as an athletic trainer. I decided to go back to school to be a chiropractor because chiropractic would allow me to evaluate, manage, and treat every injury that came in my door. I wanted the scope of a physician but also wanted to work daily with my patients. I was the only student in my class to never been treated by a chiropractor before school. 

    KN: Why did you want to open your own practice? 

    KB: Arizona was very advanced in our treatment of injuries. We were known for treating and rehabbing players back quicker than other organizations. We always had the fewest days missed from injuries in all of baseball. I noticed there was a huge gap between the treatment of professional athletes and the general public. Treatment and rehab for knee pain is completely different in pro sports than it is at the clinic in your hometown. I saw an opportunity to bridge that gap and create a clinic that offers the most progressive sports medicine treatment for the public. 

    About CPC

    KN: What is CPC’s mission? 

    KB: Our mission is to efficiently and effectively treat musculoskeletal conditions so that our patients are empowered and able to get back to the activities they love and enjoy. 

    KN: Why do you love your job? 

    KB: I love getting to know each patient and what motivates them. Each patient is like a puzzle and I have to figure out how I can get them back doing the things they love. It’s fun to see patients gain confidence in their body and perform exercises they never thought they could do. 

    CPC, Chronic Pain and Disability

    KN: At CPC, one thing you specialize in is rehabilitation. How can your rehabilitation treatments help someone with chronic pain? 

    KB: More and more research supports treatments that empower the patient to control and manage their own pain. We spend a lot of time teaching patients how they can calm their pain down. We also teach patients that movement and exercise is the best thing for your body and there is always a pain-free modification to any exercise or activity.

    Rehab can be very therapeutic for chronic pain patients and we make sure that our exercises are always below the pain threshold. 

    KN: Do you have any advice for those in need of treatment? 

    KB: Find a provider that you feel comfortable working with and knows your individual goals.  Make sure your treatment involves take-home exercises and exercises that teach you how to treat yourself. A combination of hands-on care and exercise is the best approach for long-term results. 

    To get more information or set up an appointment, call or text us CPC at 440-575-5323. You can also get more information and make an appointment on their website, www.cleperformancechiro.com. To speak directly with Dr. Kevin, you can email him at drkevin@cleperformancechiro.com.

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