Is Age a Factor in Social Security Disability Claims?

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    Many factors can go into determining whether someone is eligible for Social Security disability benefits. One such factor is the age of the applicant. The information below contains important details about how age affects disability benefits. How The Social Security Administration (SSA) Looks at Age

    The SSA puts all disability applicants into an appropriate age bracket:

    1. 18-44 (Young)
    2. 45-49 (Younger)
    3. 50-54 (Approaching Advanced Age)
    4. 55-older (Advanced age)
    5.  60-65 (Approached Retirement)

    Older Age Increases Your Chances of Acceptance

    The older you are when you apply for disability benefits, the easier it will be to have your application accepted. The best categories to fall into are Approaching Advanced Age and Advanced Age. However, if you have not yet reached your 50th birthday, that does not mean your application will not be accepted. The SSA will look at the following factors at which you can before they make a final decision on your application:

    1. The level at which you can perform work-related tasks
    2. The skill required in your former positions
    3. Your highest level of education

    The Medical-Vocational Grid

    The SSA puts your appropriate age group and the level at which you are able to work into a chart known as the Medical-Vocational Grid. They use this grid to help them determine your eligibility for benefits. The grid has specific “rules” that applicants must meet to be eligible for benefits. The grid also makes allowances for factors such as transferability of skills, previous work experience, and education.

    Under Age 18

    Special consideration is given to applicants who are 18 years old or younger. Applicants who fit into this age group normally do not have a long enough work history to qualify for benefits. So, the SSA will look for a clear indication that an applicant clearly suffers from a physical or mental impairment.

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