What is a Consultative Examination (CE)?

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    Consultative Examination’s (CE’s)

    A Consultative Examination (CE) is a medical appointment scheduled by social security to determine the current functioning of an applicant for disability.

    These exams can be physical exams, psychiatric exams, psychological exams, and can involve testing such as blood work, x-rays, or vision and hearing exams.

    Transcript: “A consultative examination is a medical appointment scheduled by social security to determine an applicant for disability’s current functioning. It’s important to understand that social security doesn’t schedule this medical exam for the purpose of delivering treatment. Consultative exams take on many different forms. They schedule physical exams, psychiatric exams, or psychological exams, they also sometimes have different types of testing at the exams. Sometimes the exams will involve blood work, they’ll take x-rays, they may check your eyes or your hearing, what happens at the consultative exam is at the discretion of the disability examiner who orders the exam and it’s supposed to only be ordered when it’s necessary in order to make a decision on the case. Consultative exams are not conducted by doctors who work for the social security administration. The doctors who perform the consultative examinations for social security are independent doctors who have contracted to perform those services for social security, but those opinions are then reviewed by social security in combination with the rest of the medical evidence to help determine the outcome of an individual’s case.”

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