Will SSI Get a Fourth Stimulus Check 2023?

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    Will SSI Get a Fourth Stimulus Check 2023?

    Making ends meet can be a challenge when receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits. The monthly SSI benefits in 2023, $914 monthly for individuals, and $1,371 for married couples don’t leave much for anything beyond shelter and food. If you receive SSI benefits, it’s only natural to wonder if SSI will get a fourth stimulus check-in 2023.

    This article explains stimulus payments and what it will take for a fourth stimulus check for SSI beneficiaries. Another round of stimulus checks has not been announced for 2023, but you’ll learn from the following information about options available to receive money to supplement your SSI benefits.

    Recently Completed Stimulus Programs

    When elected federal officials became concerned about the widespread unemployment and economic challenges people faced due to the pandemic, a stimulus payment was chosen to help folks get back on their feet. The first round of payments began in March 2020 after the president signed into law legislation passed by Congress.

    The first round of checks was $1,200 for adults with incomes less than $75,000. Anyone whose income exceeded $75,000 received less than the full stimulus payment. Parents also received $500 for each child living with them who was younger than 17.

    The success of the first round of payments caused Congress to authorize a second round of payments in December 2020. Adults and children younger than 17 received $600 each, with people earning more than $75,000 receiving less than the full payment.

    A third round of payments was included in the American Rescue Plan legislation passed by Congress in 2021. Each adult received $1,400, and married couples who filed a joint tax return received $2,800. The third round of payments included $1,400 for each dependent, but unlike earlier rounds that limited dependent payments to children, the third round included payments for adult dependents.

    What Can You Do Now To Get A Payment From The First Three Rounds?

    The Internal Revenue Service processed all stimulus payments in 2020 and 2021. If you were eligible for a stimulus payment but never received it, it’s too late to ask the IRS to investigate the matter and issue a new check. However, all is not lost, and there is a way to receive credit for the missed payment.

    Most people probably already filed a federal income tax return for 2020 and 2021, but you may not have filed one if you receive SSI benefits. The income and resource restrictions to be eligible for SSI benefits could mean you did not need to file a federal income tax return. You can file an amended tax return and claim a credit for the 2020 or 2021 stimulus payment. Assuming that you will not owe taxes because of your limited income, the IRS will refund the credit.

    Will SSI Get A Fourth Stimulus Check In 2023?

    It’s unlikely that Congress will approve legislation authorizing payment of a fourth stimulus check. A proposed law introduced in Congress to increase Social Security benefits by $200 a month has not drawn enough support in the House or the Senate to become a law in 2023.

    Some states enacted laws authorizing one-time payments in 2023 to make up for the lack of action taken by the federal government. The following are a few of the states and their programs:

    1. Virginia: Residents of Virginia are eligible for a $500 rebate of state income taxes they paid in 2021.
    2. New Jersey: People who owned a home or paid rent as tenants in New Jersey may qualify to receive up to $1,500 when the state processes their 2022 income tax returns in 2023.
    3. California: A middle-class tax refund is available for California residents who filed a state income tax return for the 2020 tax year. Payments were to be processed in 2023.

    Check with your state’s tax department to determine if a stimulus program is available.

    Getting All of The SSI Benefits Available To You.

    To qualify for SSI benefits, you must be disabled, blind, or at least 65 and have minimal income and resources. If you have income from a job or another source, it reduces how much you receive each month from SSI. However, not all income counts in determining eligibility for SSI or the monthly benefit amount.

    For example, the first $65 of earned income you receive each month is excluded, as is one-half of the remaining balance of your monthly earnings. If you have not used it, there is a $20 monthly exclusion for unearned income that you can apply toward earned income to reduce it even further.

    An easy way to ensure that your monthly SSI benefits are correct is with the help of a disability lawyer from Liner Legal. They know the laws and regulations to help you with all issues related to SSI benefits, including applications and appeals. Contact them today for a free consultation.