SSI Benefits for Children

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    SSI Benefits for Children

     If you have a child with a disability, they may qualify for social security disability benefits. There are different types of disabilities that contribute to the qualifications. There are also life circumstances that will contribute to your child collecting disability benefits.

    Low-income Families

    If you are a low-income family, your child may qualify for SSI, which is Supplemental Security Income. If they qualify for these SSI benefits, they can collect them until they are 18 years old. Once they reach the age of 18, they can apply for adult SSI benefits. If your family is not considered low-income and your child does not qualify for SSI, your child may be presented with other options.

    Adult Child Benefits

    A child may qualify for benefits based on the parent’s SSI disability benefits. Whether the child is disabled or not, if his or her parent or guardian qualifies for and collects SSI disability benefits, the child may qualify for auxiliary benefits.

    If a person qualifies for SSI disability benefits as an adult and became disabled between the age of 18 and 22, he or she may qualify for different benefits. If his or her parent or guardian received SSI benefits, the continuation of disability benefits can take place.

    Apply for Your Child

    If you believe your child may qualify for SSI disability benefits, you will want to begin the application process for them. The application process includes filling out an application for Supplemental Security Income. You will also need to fill out a Child Disability Report.

    The Child Disability Report requires information regarding your child’s disability. You will need to provide data about how the disability affects your child. Providing details regarding the disability and how it affects your child’s everyday functions will be crucial in this application process.

    Seek Help

    You may have questions about SSI disability benefits for your child. If you are collecting SSI disability benefits, you will want to be knowledgeable about what this may mean for your children. It is always advisable to seek assistance regarding applying for SSI benefits. It is also beneficial to consult with an expert regarding any options that may be accessible to both you and to your children.

    Definitely, reach out for help with any questions you have regarding these social security disability benefits. SSI benefits can require complex information. There is a lot of information and you will benefit from somebody helping to explain it to you, as well as assist you with the entire process.