Letter from the Founder: “We don’t just tell people we care–we show them that we care.”

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    “We don’t just tell people we care–we show them that we care.” From the beginning at Liner Legal, that has always been a mantra I carried around the office. It means more than timely returning our clients calls and going the extra mile to win cases–those things are expected of us. To me, it means showing up for our clients and community where and when we aren’t expected. It meant hiring a client concierge to help our clients with all of life’s struggles. To date, we have assisted our clients with finding housing, placement in battered women’s shelters, Medicaid, referrals (and transportation) to health providers, SNAP benefits, and much more.

    Always on a quest to do more, I am proud to share that beginning this year we started offering our employees paid time off to perform volunteer work in their communities. In just a short amount of time, the impact has been amazing. A group of spirited Disability Warriors fashioning Liner Legal sweatshirts elected to spend an afternoon at a local homeless shelter serving food. Another Warrior from our office joined the Board of Directors and teaches dance for the Dancing Wheels Company, the first and foremost professional physically integrated dance company in America. And this is just a sample. Some of our employees are choosing to get more involved in their children’s schools and others attended the 31st Annual Homeless Stand Down at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, a special one-day event for individuals and families experiencing homelessness sponsored by Liner Legal. 

    We don’t just tell people we care, we show them how we care. Not just something we say, it will continue to be a guiding principle in the years to come.

    With Passion,