Why I Love Being a Disability Lawyer

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    We get the opportunity to change lives every day.

    When clients come to Liner Legal after having been denied social security benefits, they’re scared, they’re panicked, they’re frustrated, and they’re worried about keeping a roof over their head or food on their tables.

    The Liner Legal staff is so grateful to be able to provide for our clients during this time and allow them to focus on their health and wellness as we work on their case and fight for the benefits they deserve.

    Why Michael Liner Loves Being a Disability Lawyer

    Transcript: I love being a disability lawyer because everyday, I get the opportunity to change lives. Most of my clients come to me after having been denied benefits. They’re scared, they’re panicked, they’re frustrated, and now, in addition to dealing with their poor health, they’ve got to deal with the social security system that’s telling them that they can’t access benefits that they know they should be able to receive. They’ve paid into social security for their entire lives and now they’ve got this long appeal process that’s in front of them. When we do our job properly, we’re able to give them the security that they’re looking for. You know, my clients, they’re worried about whether or not they’re gonna be able to keep roofs over their head or food on their tables and we’re able to do that for them- we’re able to provide for them and, you know, basically allow them to focus on their health so that they can improve and hopefully get better while we worry about their case, and that’s really something that I think is a blessing. And I love the gratitude that we get from our clients, it’s really such a rewarding feeling that I have every day when I show up at work.

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