Medical Professional of the Month: Mary G. Hall PMHNP-BC

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    Mary G. Hall is a psychiatric nurse practitioner in the Youngstown-Warren region. Her office at Coleman Professional Services sits right in between Cleveland and Pittsburgh making it very convenient for her patients from both cities to visit her.

    Mary was born and raised in the area, graduating high school in the small town of Vienna. She also has degrees from both Youngstown State University and the University of Cincinnati. In addition, Mary is also dual certified in Psychiatric Mental Health and Family Practice as a Nurse Practitioner.

    Mary’s journey to where she is now involved some detours along the way, but she always had the goal to work with people with mental health concerns. “I have always known that I wanted to work in mental health, but as circumstances happen, I took the road less traveled to get there,” Mary recalls. “I also worked in a mental health hospital when I first started in my nursing career; however, I realized I wanted to be more holistic in my approach.”  Mary also worked as a traveling nurse across the continental U.S. visiting places such as Texas, California, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. Furthermore, she decided to diversify her experience and knowledge by working in critical care nursing as well as legal nurse consulting.

    Mary’s journey then came to an invaluable stop as she took time for self-analysis. She was reminded of her true calling: to work one-on-one with people who struggle with mental health issues. This prior experience has made her the provider that she is today by learning how to heal the body first and then the mind. Mary’s philosophy of treatment is to treat the whole person rather than parts of them.

    “I run appropriate blood work as well as treat mental health conditions in the context of any chronic illness the patient may be suffering. I love that I have the time to care about my patients and listen to his or her needs to come up with the best, individualized, treatment plan.”

    She finds her values are also in line with those at Coleman Professional Service. Coleman goes far beyond treatment by assisting patients with crisis services, community housing, employment assistance and a myriad of other activities.

    Lastly, Mary gives great tips for those seeking social security and disability services. She points out that patients need to apply for disability as soon as possible because it can be a long process. Second, she advises patients to be open and honest with medical and psychiatric providers so they can best document symptoms. Third, she stresses the importance of being compliant with appointments so that the documentation is there for review by the Social Security Administration. Finally, Mary advises patients to attend regular counseling appointments. Helping the body and mind is essential to recovery.

    When Mary is outside of the office, she enjoys everything that Northeastern Ohio has to offer. Centered between two major cities has given her the opportunity to explore different cultures and ideas through food, entertainment, and everything in between. Some recommendations on restaurants she has include Salvatore’s in Howland, Firebirds in Niles and Aqua Pazzo in Boardman. She also enjoys the easy access to the Eastwood Mall and the Southern Park Mark located in the Youngstown-Warren area for a nice shopping experience.

    Follow Mary on Facebook at @maryhallnursepractitioner for daily tips and tricks to a healthier lifestyle!