How to be Free from Stress

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    Jordyn Paratore is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with years of experience in the mental health field. Since leaving the clinical field, Jordyn works with our clients as the Client Concierge at Liner Legal, the best disability law firm to get disability benefits in Ohio. At Liner Legal, she offers referrals to mental health professionals, assistance with food, housing, and much more. Jordyn also gives tips on mental health with her series, Be Well with Jordyn. Read her latest blog below.

    I hope you had a chance to check out my latest episode of Be Well with Jordyn where I speak about how to be free from stress. If not, watch it here.

    Being free from stress- wouldn’t that be nice? I’m going to challenge you (and myself) to reframe that thought. Yes, being free from stress would make many things in life much easier. But what about the good stress? Is there even such a thing? The answer is yes! Think back to a time when you had motivational stress that guided you to get a task done. Or even anticipatory stress when you were anxiously waiting for something good to happen. Without our body’s natural stress reaction, we would feel nothing at all. I don’t know about you, but I would rather feel those butterflies in my tummy than feel nothing at all.

    While some stress is good, there are ways to reduce the stress that is negatively impacting your daily life. In this month’s Be Well with Jordyn, I discuss mindfulness. Watch that video, and all of the videos in the playlist here. There are several tips, tricks, and exercises to try to free yourself from stress.

    Be Well and God Bless America!