Medical Professional of the Month: Kelly Morgan, LPCC-S, Mindfulness-Counseling

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    Kelly Morgan, Mindfulness-Counseling

    Kelly Morgan is the executive director of Mindfulness-Counseling, a mental health and counseling facility offering services such as mindfulness & stress reduction counseling, anxiety and social anxiety counseling, trauma treatment, and more. 

    With three locations in Lakewood, Cleveland Heights, and Mentor, Kelly is able to lead the fight against anxiety, depression, and trauma to help people live better lives throughout Northeast Ohio.

    From Yoga Instructor to Esteemed Counselor 

    Although Kelly began her professional journey as a yoga instructor, her transition to the counseling field was an organic process, especially having studied psychology in undergrad.

    After both practicing and teaching for over 10 years, Kelly recognized all the benefits yoga brought to her own well-being. These principles, like being present and avoiding anxious thoughts in difficult situations, lined up perfectly with the principles she learned in her psychology classes. “The realization that breathwork could keep me from flying off into a panic was transformational”, Kelly explained. “I felt called to share this information, not just with my yoga students, but with others in the community that might be struggling with bigger issues.”

    It was then that she decided to go back to school to obtain her Master of Education in Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology in 2006.


    Recognizing that the first step towards reaching out for help takes a tremendous amount of courage, Mindfulness-Counseling prides themselves on their timely response to potential clients. They have a 24-hour live staff member that helps to gather information before the call is transferred to Kelly as the executive director. She then looks at the specific needs of the client and refers them to one of their 13 therapists who initiates a free 15-minute phone consultation to determine the next course of action, oftentimes being a formal intake session. 

    Clients arrive at Mindfulness-Counseling for a variety of reasons, from trauma and heartbreak to years of broken promises. ‘Watching someone come in with life obstacles, conflicting emotions, anxiety, depression, and to be able to create tools that assist in resolving and/or self-regulating their emotions is an honor I don’t take lightly”, Kelly says.

    When discussing the most rewarding part of her job as the executive director of Mindfulness-Counseling, Kelly has a hard time picking just one thing. “I have been privileged to share in some of the most personal stories,” Kelly explains, “When my clients forget their own strength, I am there to remind them of how many strides they have made in their lives.”

    Rooted in Northeast Ohio

    Originally from Northeast Ohio, Kelly moved to Boulder, CO for a short period before returning home. “While Boulder is majestic, it just didn’t feel like home”, Kelly said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Northeast Ohio evolve into a vibrant city that I’m proud to call home!”

    After all, her family has roots that stretch back for decades. Kelly’s grandfather came to the US from Ireland to work on the railroad, her grandmother prided herself for her work at TRW, and her father went from working at the Cleveland docks as a young man to rise as a business manager of the Local 120 Pipefitter’s Union. “Through their eyes and stories, I have witnessed a city lose some of its industrial workforces yet rise from the ashes to become a contender amongst the other big cities”, Kelly says. 

    With three locations in Lakewood, Cleveland Heights, and Mentor, Mindfulness-Counseling is able to cater to clients throughout Northeast Ohio and Kelly is able to explore all three areas during her free time. As a huge Cleveland sports fan, she loves discussing the wins and heartbreaks with her clients along with exploring all the eclectic dining choices throughout Northeast Ohio. 

    The Importance of Asking For Help

    Whether it’s to the 24-hour crisis hotline, a family friend, a primary care physician, or a religious leader, Kelly encourages those who are struggling to reach out for help. “When an individual verbalizes their thoughts and feelings to another, they are bringing them to reality”, Kelly explains. “When a client hears messages of hope and realizes there is help out there, they may begin to realize that these intense feelings won’t last forever”.

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    To learn more about Kelly Morgan or Mindfulness-Counseling, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

    For appointments, call 440-591-4366 or fill out a contact form on their website.

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