Letter from the Founder: Donuts and Disability

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    I have been getting two questions a lot these past few months from those who follow our active social media channels.  These questions are:

    1) “Last year you were promoting weight loss and healthy living, and this year you are running around Ohio promoting donuts—what gives?”, and

    2) “What do donuts have to do with disability, anyway?”

    Allow me to explain.

    When I launched the Liner Legal Largest Loser challenge in April 2018, I invited my clients across Ohio to join me on my wellness journey. At the time I weighed close to 360 pounds. During the course of our extremely-successful 12-week program, I never followed or insisted that participants use a particular diet.  From the start of my journey, I always stressed the importance of making small, incremental lifestyle changes that would gradually make a big difference. For me as a sweets lover, the change that got me to my present weight of 265 pounds wasn’t depriving myself of all things delicious.

    I chose to attack my weight with a combination of increasing daily exercise, going to bed earlier to shorten the window in which I could eat, and enjoying sweets but in moderation. No donuts is no fun! When I do allow myself a donut treat, I only eat one. I make it count, though, by choosing something unique and special from a local shop (no Dunkin’ for me!).

    Now for the second question about donuts/disability, I admit that disability cases and donuts don’t have an obvious relationship. I have written often about the home visits I make to see my clients around Northeast Ohio—something truly unique about the client experience we offer at Liner Legal. In the small towns I visit every day, from Wadsworth to Orrville to Ravenna and everywhere in between, the town donut shop or bakery is often the daytime hangout spot which locals frequent. 

    They not only grab a treat and a cup of coffee, but also share the day’s news and gossip. When I invite my clients to “meet me for a donut” and shoot videos in donut shops, it is to symbolize that I am a local attorney who appreciates local values. It is not actually to help people pick between the glazed or cake option! Over the last few years there has been a surge of interest in “buying local”, whether it is for the food we eat or the clothing we put on our backs. Shopping for an attorney should not be much different. I shot a video recently where I warned about the dangers of hiring one of the many national disability law firms known for sending contract attorneys (and sometimes even non-attorneys) to hearings unprepared and lacking clients’ medical records.  These representatives frequently have never met or spoken to their client until ten minutes before the hearing. “Meet me for a donut” stands for the concept that at Liner Legal, our attorneys, and a consistent, dedicated support staff will be with you from the beginning of your case all the way through its completion. For your convenience, we will even meet you at your home or your favorite bakery.

    With all we have to offer our clients, the choice of what attorney to hire shouldn’t be a hard one. The more difficult choice to make is “powdered” or “cream-filled”.