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    The Clean Eatz concept was born in Wilmington, North Carolina from bodybuilding couple Don and Evonne. Originally focusing on the bodybuilding industry, they wanted to help fellow competitors cut back on cooking time while still getting all the necessary proteins and nutrients needed on the go. Little did they know, this would turn into so much more.

    When they began franchising their Clean Eatz stores, they realized that this was not only for bodybuilders or fitness fanatics. They saw families, little kids, high schoolers, elderly couples, and people from all walks of life coming into their stores seeking a healthy fast food alternative. That’s when they knew that Clean Eatz needed to be focused around living a healthy lifestyle for every walk of life.

    Clean Eatz has given back to the community in a variety of ways, one being the “We Change Livez Challenge”. For this challenge, they chose 5 customers who each won $5,000 for showing how they implemented Clean Eatz into their healthy routines (one winner was from Mentor, OH!).

    In addition to their regular menu, Clean Eatz also offers a variety of different meal plans, from 5 to 21 meals per week, complete with nutritional facts and preparation instructions for those that want to take the guessing out of meal prep.

    On their online blog, they offer workout routines, recipes, and tips on how to live a healthy life, both mentally and physically.

    Jamie and Jackie, Canton and Cuyahoga Falls franchise store owners, were born and raised in Northeast Ohio and are proud to be bringing healthy choices to their hometowns. The most popular items on their menu is the Arnold, the Grecian Steak Wrap, and the Good for You Nachos. For dessert, the fan favorite are, of course, the protein buckeyes!

    Jamie and Jackie plan on expanding their franchise ownership throughout Ohio after seeing how impactful Clean Eatz has been at their existing locations. “The most rewarding part of our job is having a helping hand in changing people’s lives.”

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