Letter from the Founder: Michael Liner

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    The law firm of the future.

    What does that mean?

    What does that look like and how can I use whatever tools are available to me to deliver the best experience not only for my clients but also for my employees, co-counsel, referral partners as well as the courts and other professionals we regularly work with?

    Perhaps the biggest change the world has seen over the last century is an increased access to information.

    I recently had a conversation with a friend in which we were reminiscing over the dial-up internet we used in high school, only fifteen years ago for us both, which allowed us to get an answer to almost any question we had within minutes. That’s right all you millennials reading this, I said minutes. Dial-up internet was slow and often didn’t work because of random disconnections, but it was a whole lot faster and more efficient of a process than the experiences of my father and especially my grandfather.

    Today, we have 24/7 access through multiple devices and the gratification of an answer to almost any question is instantaneous—ask and you shall receive. But the future of the world, and the future of a successful law firm inside of that world, is trending towards intuition. Artificial intelligence will allow us to address issues and answer questions in our law practice before there is even a problem to address or a question has been asked. It sounds crazy now, but do you think in 1947 my grandfather could have imagined pulling a smartphone out of his pocket to instantly check a sports score, order a pizza for dinner, or check out pictures of his family on Facebook?

    I am very proud of the video library Liner Legal has built over the past few years. Little by little, we have produced videos to answer what we believe are many—if not most—of the questions our clients have about the disability processes we assist with. These videos are available on our website, on YouTube, and through our mobile app. Although we have touched on so many different topics, we are always excited to get a request to shoot a video on a new topic not previously covered, whether the request comes from a client, health professional, a lawyer in an allied practice area, or a subscriber to that growing YouTube pagelinked above.

    If you are reading this, I would like your input on something, and please feel free to email me back directly at mliner@linerlegal.com. If you could let me know any unanswered questions you have about the social security or long term disability processes, and we will either point you to a current video of ours that answers your question or create a new video that does so.

    The more answers we can give the public and the more intuitive we can be, the more we can prepare for the future.

    What it comes down to is that the future isn’t the future.

    The future is right now.

    And Liner Legal is front and center.