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    Pamela Gill is the President and CEO of Recovery Resources (RR), a practice dedicated to helping those struggling with mental health, addiction, and more. Her desire to enter the healthcare field started at a young age.

    “I was raised in a household that encouraged community support and giving back. Volunteerism was a family value. Along the way I became fascinated by the healthcare profession (despite struggling with chemistry!);the complexities and opportunities and impacts on people and their communities. I attended nursing school after returning to Cleveland from traveling overseas for 2 years, which included time working with various healthcare missions. The one on one contact and impact inspired me to become a nurse.”

    Pamela has an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Ethics. While she worked to get a broad education, becoming the CEO of a practice like RR was not the plan for Pamela when she entered the healthcare industry.

    “I did not start my healthcare career with leadership in mind, however, as I would be assigned new nurses or students to mentor and introduce to the hospital and mission, I found helping people grow and be successful to be extremely rewarding. I also enjoyed being part of a team to design service delivery models and brainstorm and implement creative solutions. These experiences and activities evolved into incremental responsibilities and leadership roles.”

    While Pamela is busy at Recovery Resources, she also makes time to serve on the Board of Directors for other organizations.

    “I currently serve on three boards; Three Arches Foundation- grounded in meeting behavioral and physical healthcare needs for Lakewood and surrounding communities; Midtown Cleveland- the community development corporation for the midtown district; and Cleveland Arts Prize- which uniquely recognizes and awards contributions to the Northern Ohio Arts.”

    Pameal says that transitioning to her role at RR came from a place of her wanting to get involved in a more community-based environment.

    About Recovery Resources

    “Our mission at Recovery Resources is helping people triumph over mental illness, alcoholism and other addictions.”

    Recovery Resources specializes in helping those struggling. More than just counseling, RR works with prevention, treatment and recovery services, such as housing, employment and securing benefits. RR also welcomes individuals with mental illness and addiction who are re-entering the community following incarceration. Through RR’s affiliation with MetroHealth, they are able to offer a full continuum of physical health needs.

    “The compassion of our employees, dedication of our Board, strong partnership with MetroHealth and our commitment to serving all individuals are our secret sauce.  Regardless of the challenges in our community, our clients tell us that they feel they are treated with respect. Our staff truly care!”

    Recovery Resources During COVID-19

    Recovery Resources stayed open throughout the pandemic, never once closing its doors. While they never closed, the staff did have to adapt. Quickly adapting to offering both in-office and telehealth appointments, the staff never gave up on serving their clients.

    “This has been a monumental task to assure that clients are still being served. While offering services remotely is not what we normally do, we see the benefits and telehealth is not going away. As schools and other partners work towards re-opening (libraries etc.) we will shift back to live services, however, our future will include a mix of live and remote telehealth services.”

    Pamela says that the community has needed practice like RR now more than ever.

    “Regretfully our need does not diminish, and in fact addiction and mental illness is on the rise, exacerbated by the pandemic.  We are a safe place, we welcome people with open arms, we work to assure people they are not alone- we provide hope.”

    How and When to Get Help

    Pamela says that anyone in need of treatment should call Recovery Resources or reach out to someone you trust. The important thing is to know that you can get help.

    “You are not alone!! Whether it’s calling RR, a crisis hotline, ADAMHS Board, a friend, or a member of clergy-  help and hope are a call away.”

    Pamela says that there is no wrong time to seek help, and more importantly, ANYTIME you feel you need it is the right time to seek help.

    “The truth is that there really has never been a better time for people to get help than now. There is more access to, and funding for treatment, and there is greater understanding and support from people generally.”

    Finally, Pamela says there should be no stigma to seeking help for mental health or addiction.

    “People with mental illness and/or addiction have been stigmatized- this is a disease and we need to help our communities at large understand how devastating this disease can be. We need to bust the stigma and continuously advocate for treatment and prevention.”

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