Liner Legal Welcomes Attorney Rebecca Cervenak

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    Liner Legal is thrilled to welcome Rebecca Cervenak as the newest attorney at the firm!

    Rebecca brings nearly 7 years of experience as a lawyer at Disability Rights California and is returning back to her hometown of Cleveland after several years of practicing law in San Diego.

    After observing several acts of inequality and fairness in her young adult life, Rebecca knew she wanted to pursue law to try and make a difference in the system. “I’m a big believer in education and rehabilitation”, Rebecca explains.

    Rebecca earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University and went on to obtain her Juris Doctor degree from California Western School of Law.

    “Being able to help people access the services they need, but also to help them be prepared and comfortable- because going into a courtroom can be really intimidating. To help people prepare for that, to help them understand what to expect, and to be a source of support and comfort is one of my favorite things of being a lawyer.”

    -Rebecca Cervenak on why she loves practicing law

    Although the majority of her career has been working for non-profit organizations, Rebecca is excited to begin helping people in a different way. “The people here seem to really care about the work and actually care about the clients. You know, I’ve primarily worked for non-profits so I never thought that I would make the switch to go private, but, I think this is a really good fit for me because, even though there is a profit, this firm really cares about the clients and also does a lot to give back to the community”, she says.

    In her free time, Rebecca enjoys spending time in the Metroparks with her dog, cheering on the Cleveland Browns, and participating as the Program Director for the Prison Yoga Project where she coordinates the efforts across Ohio.

    She also teaches for the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s 3Rs program (Rights, Responsibilities, Realities), where once a month, she teaches a law class at a local high school with a group of other attorneys.

    Welcome to the Liner Legal Disability Warriors team, Rebecca!