Medical Professional of the Month: David Silverstein

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    Medical Professional of the Month – David Silverstein, Certified Athletic Trainer

    Growing up, David Silverstein was always interested in sports and fitness, leading him to be interested in studying physical therapy at Michigan State University. Once enrolled, he pursued his undergraduate degree in exercise science and then secured his Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Cleveland State University.

    While taking night classes to acquire his Master’s degree at CSU, he worked for the Cleveland Clinic during the day, and gained experience learning from the best in the business. Originally from Michigan, David made Northeast Ohio his forever home after he decided to continue his education at CSU and learned how much NE Ohio had to offer. Post graduation, David worked with athletes and a younger demographic at both University Hospitals and P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc., learning valuable methods for working with people of varying ages and abilities.

    Currently working at a chiropractor’s office in Tiffin, Ohio, David Silverstein sees patients coming from different environments and a multitude of circumstances. Many of his patients have suffered injuries from work or car accidents and have no previous experience with athletic trainers or rehabilitation services, providing him with the opportunity to educate patients about all the benefits of such services.

    Many of David’s patients come to the office at least three times per week, and the relationship formed between him and his patients is one of his favorite parts of the job. “I love connecting with people and getting to know their stories–what makes them tick”, he explains.

    David advises those suffering from debilitating injuries or chronic pain to “celebrate the small victories along the way”. He motivates and empowers his patients while treating them in his office, but also encourages them to work on their rehabilitation on their own. “In time, we’ll get you back there [to pre-injury condition]; you just need to have the patience and be willing to work at it on your own”, David says.

    In David’s final piece of advice, he expresses the importance of finding a good rehabilitation professional who will ”push you to the point where you might not have thought you could go”. The relationship formed between a client and a trainer can have a huge impact on the results of the rehabilitation process, and it is crucial to find a trainer whom you value and trust.

    Thanks for the tips, David!