Our 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

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    Liner Legal’s 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

    From Our Founder,

    2017 was a banner year for Liner Legal. We moved offices to a fresher and larger suite in our building, added skilled disability litigator Andrew November to the practice, and nearly doubled our support staff to better serve our clients. But anyone who knows me knows that I am never “satisfied,” and I am always looking to improve and distinguish the quality of services in our office. With that in mind, here are our New Year’s Resolutions for 2018:

    1. Client contact every 30 days or more. 

    The biggest complaint I hear about other law firms is that they don’t communicate frequently enough with their clients. I never want my own clients to feel like they don’t know what is happening with their case. For any client that allows us to use e-mail as their primary source of contact with our office, I pledge to make sure you hear from our office at least every 30 days.

    2. End bad debt collection practices against our clients. 

    If you are applying for disability, more likely than not, you have bills piling up and debt collectors hounding you. In mid-2018, Liner Legal will start a new Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (“FDCPA”) practice. This practice will combat shady debt collection against our clients. If you have debt collectors hounding you, call us to discuss how we can help you.

    3. Get my personal weight under 300 pounds. 

    I have struggled with my weight for my entire life. In 2013, I weighed a whopping 458 pounds before I made adjustments that got me down to my current weight of 348 pounds. But for the past year and a half, my weight loss has plateaued. 2018 is the year I reach my longtime goal of getting under 300 pounds. But here is the fun part–I want you to join me.

    It is well established that obesity is the number one cause of disability in America. Liner Legal has always fought our clients’ disability cases with vigor. Additionally, in 2018, with the start of the Liner Legal Largest Loser program, we will help you fight your disability itself. Look for details over the coming weeks about this exciting new program featuring simple exercises you can do at home (including some right on your couch!) and how to eat healthy on a tight budget. Let’s do this! – Michael Liner

    2018 Goals: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community

    The 2018 theme of Liner Legal’s Deaf Discrimination practice is “accessibility and empowerment.” In 2017 we launched the Liner Legal Deaf Discrimination practice with a simple mission statement: “We want to help Deaf people.” We didn’t know how; we just knew that there was a need for better advocacy in the Deaf community. We were able to successfully advocate for several Deaf individuals, as well as examine our place in the Deaf community. Two recurring themes emerged in 2017. One is the inability for Deaf individuals to effectively communicate with medical professionals. The second is the inability, or the lack of knowledge, on how to secure effective legal representation.

    However, in 2018 we’re committed to not only developing our ever-growing network of “Deaf friendly attorneys”. We will also provide ASL videos introducing you to the various legal areas where you can find that friendly attorney. Additionally, we will continue to provide legal seminars through our partnership with the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center’s Community Center for Deaf & Hard of Hearing. Our first presentation of 2018 is scheduled for January 11th at 1pm. I’ll speak with an employment attorney, Sean Sobel, about Social Security Disability and issues of effective communication in the workplace. Have a Happy New Year, and I look forward to signing with you in 2018! – Andrew November

    On behalf of everyone at Liner Legal, we wish you a happy and healthy new year!