Tangible Tips for Mental Health During COVID-19

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    It is no secret how much COVID-19 has affected our daily lives. But how is it affecting our mental health? Living amidst a pandemic can cause strong feelings of fear for your own safety and the safety of others. You may feel as if your emotions are a roller coaster- from sadness, to frustration, boredom, eagerness, hopeful, lethargic…you get the point. Have your sleep patterns become erratic? Your appetite changed? Were you already struggling with mental health symptoms and now they have gotten worse? Self care is especially important right now. 

    Here are some tangible tips that could brighten your day:

    1. Find a way to connect with others- Meet up in a park and maintain distance, have a phone call, text or Zoom session. Isolation is a lonely place. 
    2. Talk to a mental health provider. 
    3. Call Crisis Hotline/ Call 911 if you are immediate risk of harming yourself or others.
    4. Unplug from social media and the news- It’s important to stay informed but know your limit. If you feel physically or emotionally exhausted after scrolling through social media, it’s time to put it down. 
    5. Meditate- give deep breathing a try. Close your eyes and take a slooooow deep inhale. 
    6. Eat healthy- Incorporate fresh fruits and veggies, limit sugar intake, and limit alcohol use.
    7. Get creative! Go try that art project you’ve been wanting to try. 
    8. Find something you enjoy doing and do it often.

    You are stronger than you think.

    Be well,

    Jordyn Paratore, Client Concierge at Liner Legal

    Jordyn is a licensed clinical counselor with years of experience, ranging from outpatient mental health, community-based mental health, and more. She is now the Client Concierge at Liner Legal, the best disability law firm in Ohio! Jordyn will be checking in with our clients to make sure they are doing well and have all they need. Stay tuned to our social media and website to learn more about Jordyn. Looking for more tips? Subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here! (link to newsletter subscribe page)