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    Karina Cawich

    Meet our team! This is Karina Cawich, a Paralegal at Liner Legal! She has been with Liner Legal for over a year. She fits perfectly into our team of disability warriors, with a desire to help those that need it! Read more about her in her employee profile below!

    1. What is Your Background: I am from Belize. I have an Associate’s Degree in General Studies with a concentration in Law.
    2. What is Your Favorite Thing About Working at Liner Legal? It’s hard to pinpoint one thing exactly. I am a very empathetic person and I love working with people who genuinely care about their clients. The culture and my co-workers are just amazing. I get to work with and learn from kind-hearted people who want to help clients get the benefits they deserve. It feels so good to actually be able to do something to make a difference.
    3. What Do You Look Forward to Most in Your Career with Liner Legal? I look forward to learning and developing skills that will make a difference in the lives of our clients. I am always up for a challenge and receptive to new information, anything that helps me be better than I was yesterday. I am so happy to be helping others while I’m achieving personal goals.
    4. Tell Me About Your Family: I have a very long-term boyfriend, named Amir. We have 2 children ( one human and one canine). Their names are Andre and Petey, respectively. Both are equally happy, loving, playful boys.
    5. What is Your Favorite TV Show? Friends!
    6. What is the Best Place You Have Traveled? My country is literally paradise so it has to be an Island off the coast of Belize called South Water Caye. Belize in general is a must!
    7. What Do You Do in Your Spare Time? I am very family oriented so anything to do with them. We are big on the movies and just as big on the water fun.
    8. What Makes You a Disability Warrior? I really do believe success comes from making a difference in others’ lives as much as we do on our own. If one small thing I do has a big impact in someone else’s life, that’s as big a reward as any.

    Our friendly team of disability warriors are ready to get you the disability benefits you deserve! If you are looking for Wooster OH disability lawyers, Warren OH disability lawyers, or disability benefits in Ohio, call the Best Columbus Disability Lawyers– Liner Legal! We are here to help everyone in Ohio get the benefits they need. Contact us by clicking here.

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