Medical Professional of the Month: Tana Ely, Integrative Holistic Healthcare

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    Tana Ely has been a registered nurse for over 13 years, with most of her experience being in critical care.

    It wasn’t until Tana had her son that she became aware of the benefits of holistic care.

    At the time, he was on multiple seizure medications, none of which were controlling his debilitating daily spasms.

    It wasn’t until Tana began using essential oils, changed his eating habits, and started doing weekly energy treatments that they saw dramatic improvements in his health.

    Tana’s son has been seizure-free since May of 2016 by incorporating holistic health care practices into his everyday life.

    Tana was so shocked and encouraged by his results that she decided to open her own practice in Canton, Ohio to help others going through similar situations, and hence, Integrative Holistic Healthcare was founded.

    Liner Legal was lucky enough to interview Tana about her journey, keep reading to learn more.

    LL: We read the story about your son and how you got into holistic health care. What an incredible story! Why did you think to start trying these holistic methods?

    TE: Honestly, I felt that we had exhausted western medicine & he was still seizing & was having complications d/t the medication side effects.

    My son’s doctors suggested two more treatment options, both were very risky they told me some children had died, he would be admitted to a pediatric ICU for part of the treatment, there would be more medication side effects, and they gave both treatment options a 20-30% success rate.

    I hit a wall, I felt betrayed. How could I be a nurse & not be able to help my own son?

    So I started looking at all options & fell into holistic care by reading frankincense use had shown a decrease in seizure activity. This made sense, this medicine has been around for thousands of years.

    I mixed my own oil blend, reading what benefits each oil had.

    His seizures decreased.

    I also brought him to a chiropractor that worked with infants, toddlers, and adults. She introduced me to energy work and clean eating without all of the preservatives.

    In 5 days he was seizure-free.

    I had to understand what I was seeing so I enrolled in a school in Columbus 2 hours away & received my holistic health practitioner 17 months later. 

    LL: What does it look like when someone contacts Integrative Holistic Health Care? Do they complete a meeting or intake process with you? What are the next steps?

    TE: They call me directly to schedule an appointment, I then talk with them and come up with a plan of how I can best be of service.

    LL: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

    TE: The most rewarding part of my job is being able to help people find their best selves.

    I think it is easy in our world to be stressed, tired, experience pain, and using these different modalities can help people rebalance their body which also helps them to look at their environment and make some changes to help improve their daily lives.

    Personally knowing that I was able to help my son has allowed me to understand my own path needed to change & this is our new journey. It’s exciting!

    LL: What do you like best about the Northeast Ohio community?

    TE: Northeast Ohio is where I grew up, it’s exciting to see the renovation and improvements being done in the community. People are more open to this than they even realize. There are Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Thyme like places as well as Yoga studios, massage businesses, chiropractors, etc. opening everywhere. 

    LL: Many of our clients are suffering from severe mental illnesses, addiction, you know, all kinds of debilitating physical and/or mental conditions. What’s one piece of advice for people going through these tough times?

    TE: Regardless of how dark your life is feeling, always try to remember what you are grateful for. What changes can you make? What control do you have in this situation?

    There are ways to help yourself feel grounded & find peace without spending money. Learn meditation, learn yoga, stretch your muscles daily, try to find something that helps ease your anxiety & how to incorporate this into your daily routine. If you are a person of faith pray.  Journal,  writing down your thoughts,  but also try to release them at the same time, not holding onto those things that hurt you. 

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    To learn more about Tana and her practice, Integrative Holistic Health Care, visit her website or call (330) 327-0098 to make an appointment at their Canton location.

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