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      Get Your Free SSD Ebook and Case Review Now!

      Get Your Free SSD Ebook and Case Review Now!

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Liner Legal, LLC. A Smart, Hardworking Ohio Social Security Disability Law Firm that is Always Ready for a Fight.

Roughly 85 percent of all initial Ohio Social Security Disability applications are denied. Are you disabled and ready to file for Ohio Social Security Disability benefits (SSD benefits) or Ohio Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI benefits)? Then join forces with Liner Legal. Let us help you power through what is usually a difficult and stressful process.

Your claim is important to us. Can we discuss it? No obligation. I’ll even visit your home if needed. See why Michael Liner has been named by his peers as one of Ohio's best Social Security Disability attorneys.

One thing you should know about Liner Legal: we are extremely selective about which cases we agree to take, and turn down as many clients as we take on. If we tell you that we can not accept your case, it is not a judgment of you as a person. It is simply this: Liner Legal is a small Ohio disability law firm and we choose to keep it that way. We have no desire to become like the national giants garnering negative publicity on television and in the newspapers who treat their clients like parts on an assembly-line. To give our clients the best possible service and consistently deliver positive outcomes, we have chosen to work with only a limited number of clients. Please take a look at our "About Us" page to learn about Liner Legal and our core values that have consistently been praised by clients and other lawyers alike.