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    When Lyn’s Goodwin’s daughter, Alyssa Goodwin, was diagnosed with dyslexia and several other learning disabilities as a child, she was pushed away by her school district and was told she needed to find other arrangements for Alyssa’s education. Her response? “You just gave me the ammunition I needed to start a school”. Within a few short months, word spread and Lyn was homeschooling 14 students with special needs in her basement- eventually leading to the opening of Ohio’s leading cognitive development center and autism school, S.U.P.E.R. (Students Using Proven Educational Resources) Learning Center.

    SUPER Learning Center is an all-sensory based school. There are sensory areas in all classrooms and every student is provided with a computer equipped with a user-friendly sensory program that monitors brain function. During Alyssa’s time as a student at SUPER, she started a variety of student involvement groups including student council and yearbook and initiated the first prom and senior trip, now both annual events. She is currently a sophomore working towards her bachelor’s degree in educational ministries at Malone University, holding a 3.8 GPA which she credits to the skills learned at SUPER.

    Although the SUPER enrolls around 150 students every year, the student-to-teacher ratio is small and personal with the addition of intervention specialists and over 50 staff members. Teachers at SUPER are more than qualified with a majority holding a master’s degree and even a handful holding PHDs. Intervention specialists are equally as qualified and hold the ability to customize each child’s learning experience based on their strengths and academic challenges.

    Not only are students provided with a personalized education, they’re encouraged to get involved in some of the many after-school programs SUPER offers including academic fairs, boy scout troops, talent shows, plays, and more. Lyn uses the quote, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and explains that they have built a successful program by looking at the needs of the students and creating programs that cater to them. The goal of SUPER is to create an environment that will allow students to bridge the social deficit gap and empower them to be able to transition into society post-graduation.

    Reflecting back on the last 18 years since SUPER Learning Center opened its doors, Lyn looks brightly into the future and has dreams of expanding the school and adding several vocational programs in the near future.

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