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    At Liner Legal, we want our clients and the disability community to know the resources offered to them! That’s why we have our Community Resource Corner, where we educate you on resources that can help YOU! Today, Liner Legal’s Katie Nobles talked to Carla Dellaporta the Director of User Engagement at Needy Meds. Learn more about this organization that helps with healthcare needs by reading the interview below.

    KN: Tell me about NeedyMeds and the services you offer.

    CD: NeedyMeds is a national nonprofit, founded about 25 years ago, that connects people to healthcare savings and education resources. We do this free and anonymously through our website ( and Helpline (1-800-503-6897.)

    KN: How common is it that people are unable to afford their healthcare expenses?

    CD: If the rate at which people turn to NeedyMeds for help is any indication, I would argue that trouble affording healthcare expenses is very common: an average of 12,000 users visit our website each weekday and we assist more than 4,000 callers per month.

    KN: NeedyMeds helps with healthcare expenses outside of just medications. What else can NeedyMeds help with?

    CD: We, at NeedyMeds, are proud of the breadth and scope of healthcare savings resources we offer. In addition to helping people afford brand, generic and over the counter (OTC) medications, we also connect users with free/low-cost and sliding scale clinics; we have about 4,500 Diagnosis-Based Assistance programs to assist with expenses related to specific diagnoses; for those affected by the pandemic we have COVID 19 Resources; we help users with medical transportation costs; we list camps, retreats, recreational programs and educational scholarships for those living with – or caring for someone living with – various diagnoses; we have a category dedicated to state sponsored programs; and we also help patients afford medical equipment. All of these resources can be found under the Healthcare Savings tab on

    KN: The NeedyMeds Patient Assistance Program is one of your most used programs. Can you tell me about it?

    CD: One of the most popular and effective ways we help people save on prescriptions is with our listing of 425+ Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs.) PAPs are usually supported by pharmaceutical companies and most of the time offer free (some of the time offer deeply discounted) prescription drugs (usually name brand) to those that qualify. Of course, not every drug will have a PAP. When a PAP is available eligibility requirements and applications will vary from program to program. One common requirement is that the patient’s healthcare provider usually needs to be involved by providing a prescription, signing the application and submitting documentation.

    KN: Are people able to use NeedyMeds if they already have insurance?

    CD: Yes, those with insurance can still rely on NeedyMeds for assistance. It’s important to keep in mind the healthcare savings programs we list each have their own eligibility requirements so, of course, some indicate patients must be uninsured. However, as that is not the case all of the time, we encourage everyone to reach out to NeedyMeds. Either visit the Healthcare Savings tab on to find savings resources or give our expert counselors a call. They are here to help exhaust all options!

    KN: Tell me about the NeedyMeds drug discount card, how it works, and where people can get one.

    CD: Our Drug Discount Card is another way we help users afford their healthcare costs. You can get a drug discount card in the form of a plastic card (like a credit card), printed on paper or as a free phone app. The patient brings the card along with their prescription to the pharmacy and sees if a discount is available.

    Users can save up to 80% off the cash price of prescriptions; OTC meds and supplies written as prescriptions; 40% off medical equipment; and even human equivalent pet meds. Our card is free and anonymous (confidentiality is guaranteed), it does not require registration or activation and it never expires. Anyone can use the card. The only rule is it cannot be combined with insurance.

    The NeedyMeds drug discount card is accepted at more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. Find one near you by checking out our Pharmacy Search at the bottom of our Drug Discount Card page on – or give us a call!

    KN: Why is having an organization like NeedyMeds so important?

    CD: Simply put, people should never have to choose between filling their prescription or filling their fridge! The fact that NeedyMeds has been around for more than two decades is all the evidence we need to show that individuals, families and communities across the country need assistance meeting their healthcare costs. The uninsured, underinsured and insured continue to rely on NeedyMeds – and we do our very best every day to not let them down!

    KN: How can people get help with their healthcare costs now through NeedyMeds?

    CD: I absolutely encourage everyone to reach out to our toll-free helpline at 1-800-503-6897. Our counselors are available 9AM through 5PM weekdays Eastern Time and we do have Spanish-speaking callers. These experts will be able to efficiently identify all savings programs that may be applicable to the patient, loved ones, patients or clients. That’s what they are there for!

    We’re also pleased to share that NeedyMeds hosts additional websites including – an educational site dedicated to the safe use, storage and disposal of medications for better health; – where visitors type in their zip code to locate a convenient, affordable clinic; -which assists people with difficult end-of –life decisions for themselves and/or their loved ones; and – which educates people on the responsible disposal of home-generated sharps.

    The Disability Warriors at Liner Legal do more than just fight for your benefits, we fight for your quality of life. Our team is ready to help you if you need help now. For referrals and help, you can call Liner Legal and ask for our Client Concierge at (216) 282-1773.  For more information on NeedyMeds, the programs they offer or how you can get help, visit their website at