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    The Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition (NEOBHC) is the first organization in Ohio that addresses health disparities specifically in the African American community. Founded to address inequities in education, employment, housing, and health, the NEOBHC works tirelessly to empower, educate, and advocate for under-served populations in Cleveland.

    The NEOBHC is a volunteer organization led by Executive Director Yvonka M. Hall. After her mother was killed in 1974, Yvonka’s life changed drastically. She dedicated her life to helping others and has continued to impact thousands of lives throughout her professional career. Prior to working with NEOBHC, Yvonka served as the Director of the Cleveland Office of Minority Health and was the Northeast Ohio Director of Cultural Health Initiatives for the American Heart Association. Her personal tragedy fuels her commitment to community and dedication to her family. She is a proud mother, grandmother, and activist deeply impassioned and involved in social justice activities. Whether it’s speaking against environmental issues, systemic racism, cardiovascular disease, infant mortality, domestic violence, health disparities, mental illness, juvenile justice, employment, education or hosting community forums, she uses her voice to make a difference in the lives of others.

    To raise money for their efforts, the Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition sells NEOBHC t-shirts, hosts women’s luncheons, organizes conferences, and even sells healthy soul food. The most prominent support, however, comes from donations and memberships.

    This September, founder Michael Liner attended the African American Women’s Wellness Walk “Walk 4 R Sista’s” event with his son Dylan. This annual event promotes healthy living and raises awareness to alarming facts such as that 57.6% of African American women over 20 years old are considered obese, and 44.5% of African American women over 20 have hypertension. The Women’s Wellness Walk aims to empower women of color to eat right, exercise, and support an overall healthy lifestyle.

    Upcoming NEOBHC events in 2019 include the A Talk with MY Daughter’s: Spiritual Healing for African American Women in February, the Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Tour covering Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee in April, and many more.

    Interested in becoming a member of NEOBHC? Mail a check to Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition, 18115 Harvard Ave. Cleveland, OH 44128. Annual membership options include $150 for for-profit organizations, $100 for non-profit businesses, and $50 for individual members.

    To learn more, visit the NEOBHC website.