Letter from the Founder: Recognizing Disability Warriors

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    For most of our history, we have branded ourselves at Liner Legal as “Disability Warriors.” To me and my team of Warriors, it is not just marketing fodder, it is our identity and our purpose. There are several important attributes of what it takes to be a warrior. A warrior must lead but also listen; a warrior must fight but also have empathy; a warrior must be tenacious and also humble. When we hire new staff at Liner Legal, these are the most important qualities we are looking for in team members.

    But in the community at large, these traits often go unrecognized. That is why, for the first time ever, we are introducing a brand new program where we ask members of our Ohio community to nominate and recognize the Disability Warriors living amongst us who go above and beyond to make life better for those living with mental or physical challenges. These 25 warriors, to be announced in February 2022, will be a cross-section of individuals who have disabilities themselves and others who advocate for people with disabilities through fundraising or other awareness-generating activities. Each of the 25 warriors will receive a plaque and a $100 gift card. At Liner Legal, we are excited to celebrate not only our own team members who go above and beyond to fight for our client’s rights but also to bring attention to the great work being done outside of our office to help make Ohio a more inclusive place to live.

    With gratitude,


    We want YOU to nominate a Disability Warrior! To nominate a warrior, click here.