Letter From Our Founder – 2021 Outlook

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    For me, the holidays every year are a time for reflection. I pause to look back at the year I’ve had, and I think about the road that lies ahead. Like everyone, my forward-thinking last December hardly matched the reality of what 2020 became. I never imagined I would spend ten or more hours per day at my desk, intentionally distancing myself from the few co-workers who remained in my office after we sent most of our staff home to work remotely in early March. But as I wrote just last month in my gratitude letter, changed circumstances don’t necessarily mean worse or negative circumstances–it is just different. And although if 2020 taught me anything it is that it is difficult to predict the future, I remain confident in my ability to achieve my lofty goals aimed at driving Liner Legal not just to the top of the legal profession but at making us a model for all business types. 

    With much thought, here are my goals for 2021:

    1) In the coming twelve months, I hope to help 1,000 Liner Legal clients get approved for disability benefits.

    2) As we get set to re-launch our popular Liner Legal Largest Loser program on January 4, I hope to have 1,000 program participants complete a survey at the end of the 10-week program stating that they feel healthier than they did at the program’s commencement.

    3) An exciting update that I am pleased to tease here for the first time is in 2021 Liner Legal is planning to start a food pantry. By the end of 2021, I hope that our food pantry will have provided healthy food options to at least 1,000 individuals.

    Every year I get nervous to make my goals public because I question if I can really pull off the things I hope to accomplish. But year after year with the support of my great team and family, my goals become my reality. I know 2021 will be no different.

    Wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday season and a sweet New Year!

    -Michael Liner