Andrea DeJacimo MSSA LISW-S and Angel Pixley BA, QMHS, Owners of Thrive Counseling Warren

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    About Andrea and Angel

    Andrea and Angel are co-owners of Thrive Counseling in Warren, Ohio. Angel has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration majoring in Human Resources and is a Qualified Behavioral Health Specialist 3+.  Andrea has a Bachelor of Social Work from Youngstown State University and a Master of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University.

    They both entered the healthcare field for different reasons. Seeing their own loved ones struggle with mental health, substance use, and more, they have always wanted to help others.

    “It should be noted that my willingness to serve knows no bounds,” says Pixley.  “However, it was my vantage point from being a woman of color that provided insight into how these cycles played out in black communities in particular. It became apparent that stigma and lack of awareness forges a disconnect between people seeking relief and the tools often needed to achieve it. I wanted to be an agent of change to help bridge the gap; normalizing, prioritizing healing and mental well-being.”

    The women had worked together before opening Thrive Counseling and had great outcomes each time.

    “We often laugh saying we are the best of both worlds in so many ways. One clinical, one business, both imperative in having a successful behavioral health agency. Our many differences make working together with great.”

    They say their unique skill sets work together to allow Thrive Counseling to thrive.

    “Our shared values for quality and the integrity of our work have been pivotal components to our overall growth as an agency,” says DeJacimo. “We give great importance to employee engagement efforts and taking good care of our staff, which in turn leads to better service delivery and treatment outcomes for the populations we serve. We extend the same courtesy of feeling valued and cared for to our clients, in a genuine way, that avoids coddling and absolving them from doing the work needed to achieve their goals of self-sufficiency, sobriety, and stability.”

    About Thrive Counseling

    Thrive Counseling is a behavioral health agency in Warren, Ohio, serving both children and adults.  The agency provides mental health and substance use counseling, including intensive outpatient programs for substance use disorder, anger management groups once per week, parenting classes once a week, EMDR counseling, peer support and case managers.  

    Andrea and Angel say they opened Thrive Counseling to give the community in need a safe place to get treatment. Their services reach beyond the typical client one may expect.

    “We wanted to be a place of service for the entire family,” says Pixley. “We saw a need for these services for all ages.  Being an agency certified to work with ages 4 and up, we knew it was imperative to have skilled people, who love the community, helping to improve their lives.”

    The owners of Thrive Counseling say it isn’t just important, but absolutely essential to have a place where people feel safe getting treatment for their own individual needs.

    “We offer a place where one feels understood and assured that it’s okay to not be okay. A haven for restoration and rewriting the troubled narratives restraining them. Pain is inevitable, but to suffer is optional. Be that as it may, Thrive is needed as a hub of empowerment and encouragement that we are not just living and existing, but we are thriving and living healthy lives.”

    Getting Help

    “We all have the capacity for change, and anything worth having requires a willingness to work at it,” says Pixley.  “You’re not alone in your struggles. Assistance lies within reach, and we’ll be here to extend a helping hand the moment you’re ready.”

    If you or a loved one can benefit from Thrive Counseling’s services, please reach out by phone at 330.469.6777. Additional information can also be found on their website at