How I Became a Disability Lawyer

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    Attorney Michael Liner

    Transcript: How I became a disability lawyer is actually a pretty good story. My dad was a lawyer and after my first summer of law school, I chose to work for a well-regarded Cleveland law firm that does transactional work, similar to what my dad did during his career. It was the best work experience that I ever had- because I hated it. I spent the entire summer tucked away in a corner of this law firm behind a desk, and what it taught me was that I would not be able to spend my career doing just that- sitting behind a desk. I need to be meeting with people, doing things, being active, and I had to find a profession that would give me both professional as well as personal gratification. So, after my summer experience with that firm, and then working for another firm, I realized that I could connect much better with David than Goliath, so to speak. I also knew that I could draw on my own experiences in dealing with physical and mental health obstacles to help and inspire others to overcome their own impairments, and that’s eventually what led me down the path of becoming a disability attorney and starting Liner Legal in 2013.

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