Setting New Year’s Resolutions 2023

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    Another year has come and gone and we are ready to welcome 2023 with open arms. Am I the only one that imagined 2023 would be full of flying cars and robots like on The Jetson’s? We will give it a few more years. Sometimes our expectations of things tend to not match the reality of the situation. That’s where new year’s resolutions come into play. So often, we can set ourselves up for failure before we begin with huge, unattainable goals. Here are some tips on goal-setting to set you up for success in 2023!

    • Start small
      • When you start to set resolutions for the new year, start with small, attainable goals. Achieving a small goal will motivate you to get to the next, larger one!
    • Map out how you will achieve your goal
      • Knowing HOW we are going to achieve a goal is just as important, if not more important than setting the goal itself. If you’d like to move more in the new year, set aside 30 minutes every day to walk, run, or move however you’d like. Having a plan makes the goal easier to achieve!
    • Have a support team
      • Tell your friends and family about your resolutions, and ask about theirs. Having others there to keep us accountable can help you stay on track to reach that goal!
    • Celebrate the small victories
      • Make sure to celebrate your success each step of the way. If your goal is to move more in 2023, celebrate one week of completing that goal, then celebrate one month, two months. Before you know it, January will be here and you’ve accomplished your goal!

    Maybe you imagined 2022 to unfold a heck of a lot different than it actually did. Maybe 2022 was a really difficult year and you are walking into 2023 extremely vulnerable. My wish for you in 2023 is that it greets you with positivity and love. I hope you can give yourself grace in this season even if it doesn’t meet your expectations. I wish you all the happiness and health in 2023.

    Be Well,

    Jordyn Paratore

    Client Concierge at Liner Legal