Passion for Education: May Letter from the Founder

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    For years, I always told people who asked that I had no interest in building the largest disability law firm possible. My goal was always to build the best. But what does that mean? And how do I measure success? These are the questions that I am constantly asking myself. 

    I have written extensively in the past about the role I want Liner Legal to play in the communities we serve. We are not just a law firm. By helping our clients access disability benefits, we help fight homelessness and food poverty and so many other scary realities for those who are disabled and unable to work. But I also am an educator. 

    In a world where we have information about disability benefits quickly available to us thanks to the internet, there is a seemingly endless amount of misinformation. One of our main goals here is to stop the spread of that misinformation, by reaching as many interested individuals as we can and giving them accurate and reliable facts about the disability system and process. In the past year alone, the attorneys at Liner Legal have given presentations to college classes, mental health providers, therapists, non-profit organizations and more- all with one goal in mind. Education makes us all better warriors. 

    COVID-19 hasn’t slowed us down in that regard, in fact it has only helped us accelerate our mission. With the additional capabilities Zoom and other video conferencing apps have given us to reach audiences near and far, over the past year our attorneys have spoken at numerous national conferences, been featured on podcasts and webcasts, and given webinars to countless groups interested in learning about what goes into a successful disability case. 

    From talking about the process of receiving disability benefits, to teaching providers how to best document their patient’s disability, our Disability Warriors have loved educating others. Our work will continue.

    If you are interested in having myself or another member of our Disability Warrior team speak to you or your organization to provide training on a disability-related topic, click here to request a presentation. We are excited to be a resource for your organization, and those with disabilities in Ohio. 

    With passion,

    Michael Liner