Jordyn Paratore Appointed to ADAMHS Board

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    Liner Legal, your Cleveland Ohio disability attorneys, are proud to congratulate our Client Concierge, Jordyn Paratore! Jordyn was recently sworn in as a member of the Lake County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board. Liner Legal’s Katie Nobles sat down with Jordyn to learn more about her background and her new role.

    KN: Tell us about your background in mental health/addiction counseling.

    JP: I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have previously worked in crisis services where we assessed clients for hospitalization or a higher level of care. I was using quick, solution focused counseling for both mental health and substance use. When I worked at an inpatient psychiatric unit, I gained an even further understanding of substance use treatment as well as referral and linkage to community resources. I learned so much at both of these roles.

    KN: What made you want to get into that field? 

    JP: I could be cliche and say “To help people” but that really is the jist of it. There isn’t enough support for folks needing mental health/addiction treatment and that simply needs to change. 

    KN: Why do you enjoy your work with Liner Legal?

    JP: I love the role of Client Concierge. I get to talk and get to know clients as well as connect with service providers in the community. By creating a connection in the community, I can then confidently refer a client to a service they are in need of. It is the best of both worlds. 

    KN: How does this work into your new role with Lake County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board?

    JP: The ADAMHS Board is the board that oversees and evaluates all of the mental health/addiction services in Lake County. I will get to learn more about upcoming programs and funding for these agencies. 

    KN: How did it feel to get appointed to the ADAMHS Board?

    JP: I am grateful to have a voice in Lake County – the county I call home!

    KN: Tell me about what it was like being sworn in.

    JP: I was excited and nervous all at once. Unfortunately it was not in-person so I hope to meet the other members face to face in the future!

    KN: What is your main goal working with ADAMHS? 

    JP: I want to continue to advocate on what I believe in – more assistance and help for those struggling with mental health and addiction. 

    Jordyn Paratore is the Client Concierge at Liner Legal, your #1 choice for Warren OH disability lawyers! To learn more about our services, such as Cleveland OH disability benefits, Cleveland SSD lawyers and more – call us today!