Meet Our Team: Ellie DeJesus

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    Elisha “Ellie” DeJesus is a Case Manager and Spanish Translator at Liner Legal, the best disability law firm in Ohio! Read more about her in her employee profile!

    When did you start at Liner Legal: April 2018

    What is your background: I am from Puerto Rico. I graduated high school on the island and moved to the US in 2006, where I took English classes and graduated as a Medical Assistant from Kaplan Career Institute. I switched my path from the medical field to the Social Security Disability legal field in 2013. I started at Liner Legal as an Intake Specialist and escalated my way up to case management. 

    What is your favorite thing about working at Liner Legal: My favorite thing about working at Liner Legal is that the staff is great at communicating. I love that everything I do is noticed and I’m not just another employee. I have direct communication with my boss, instead of having to make an appointment like the big corporations. The best thing is that they acknowledge me and let me know my ups and downs, and work with me along the path. 

    What do you look forward to most in a career with us: I look forward to helping Liner Legal continue to grow. I am excited for the years to come, and to continue to be part of this amazing staff. 

    Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I love watching the Spanish series on Netflix. I also love and miss the beach. 

    Tell us about your family: I have an amazing husband, named Denis. I also have two daughters, Junielis, who is a high school senior, and Sined, a freshman.

    What is your favorite food:  My favorite homemade food is Puerto Rican rice, beans and pork chops all together in one meal. I love going to restaurants to get lobster and steak. 

    Favorite movie: Hitch

    How have you been spending your time during quarantine: During quarantine, I have been taking care of myself by eating better. I have also been working from home and spending more time with my family. 

    What makes you a disability warrior: I am a disability warrior because I love to help others. I like to listen and provide answers and I am a team player.