Medical Professional of the Month: Ali Hively, Kijia Living

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    Ali Hively is a Jill of all trades. As a business owner, health consultant, personal trainer, and a mother, Ali’s journey is truly her own. Receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in education from Wittenberg University and then a master’s degree in Curriculum Development, Ali taught third-grade for five years. After the birth of her oldest daughter, Ali decided to take a break from teaching to raise her children. Education continued to be an important aspect of Ali’s life, so she taught fitness classes including wellness and nutrition to clients while raising a family.

    “I remember feeling so excited to have completed a mile that I became hooked on fitness.”

    Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Ali became passionate about health and fitness as early as eighth grade. One day, she and a friend decided to run around their neighborhood creating a goal to reach a mile. After reaching the mile, Ali found a lifelong passion that set the stage for her future endeavors. Today, Ali combines her love for education and fitness by running a nutritional lifestyle company called Kijia Lifestyle Consulting. Kijia means “path” in Swahili and is built upon empowerment by building habits of nutrition, mindset, and movement. Ali created the company in  2017 to help others carve out their own health path. Ali strongly believes, saying, “People should feel good in their body because when they do, they are happier, are more confident, and enjoy life more.” Kijia is a four-month lifestyle nutrition program designed make healthy living easier. Kijia does this by helping people create habits that work for them in their own busy life, inspiring them to embrace self-power and ultimately being the best version of themselves.

    “People should feel good in their body…”

    Some of the advice Ali provides is important but simple to do. It’s also relevant for many of Liner Legal clients. Ali believes in ditching the all or nothing mindset because anything is better than nothing. For example, working out for five minutes is better than not working out at all. She also believes that an increase of vegetable intake because it is the foundation of good nutrition and diet. Lastly, she recommends simplifying personal spaces by removing clutter. By doing this, people can reduce their stress levels and positively affect their overall health and wellness.

    “I love to connect with people. Whether it is online or in person, I love to meet new people and form relationships.”

    Ali’s favorite part of her job is meeting and working with people. Connecting with clients through workshops and social media live webinars drives Ali to continue to create new programs and resources to help those transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. She is on social media and uses it as an effective tool to stay connected. You can find her on LinkedIn and follow her journey on the Kijia Facebook group page.