Some individuals may believe that they are only able to receive social security disability payments if they happen to be visibly disabled, such as a condition that causes you to be in a wheelchair or being legally blind, but that’s not the case. One such condition that is not readily apparent that can qualify you to receive social security disability is parathyroid gland disorders.

What is Parathyroid Gland Disorders

Parathyroid gland disorder is an endocrine disorder, and your endocrine system is the one that handles the hormone levels in your body. This disorder has an impact on the level of calcium that is found within your body, and it can either be too high or too low. Your bones aren’t the only part of your body that requires calcium as it’s necessary to for your blood, muscles, nerves, and other tissues. This disorder can lead to osteoporosis and bone fractures in the case of not having enough calcium in the system to having too much calcium which can cause cataracts, kidney failure, muscle spasms and tetany. These impairments can lead to being unable to work, and if your parathyroid gland disorder falls within the particular levels as noted by the social security administration, you can start the documentation process while being treated.

Where Can Parathyroid Gland Disorders Be Treated in Northeastern Ohio

There are a number of excellent facilities available in Northeastern Ohio where you can receive the treatment you need for your disorder, and start the paperwork process necessary to qualify for social security disability. The Cleveland Clinic has satellite facilities around Northeastern Ohio to help prevent you from having to always travel downtown to be seen by your chosen physician. University Hospitals is another large hospital system in the area that provides top-notch care. A final large hospital system in the Cleveland area includes the Metrohealth Hospital System. Akron General is available down in the Akron region along with the Summa Health System. Contact your choice of provider based on your location, insurance, specialty, and whether or not they are taking new patients. Documentation is your friend when it comes to social security.

Social security disability can be a difficult road for anyone. Suffers of parathyroid gland disorders are just as worthy as others in being eligible for disability. Sometimes it can be prudent to get an expert in your corner that has dealt with many other similar cases to your own to get the insight you need in handling your approval process as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.