Akron ALJ at the Social Security Office of Hearing

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    At Liner Legal, our team of Disability Warriors knows that the road to getting the benefits you deserve is long. That is why we are here for you every step of the way, answering all of the questions we can. Once a client gets assigned a judge and a hearing date, the first question we get is; What are my chances of getting approved with this judge? While the numbers Michael Liner lists below don’t directly indicate YOUR chance for approval, it can give an indication of the judge’s general lean in disability hearings. Below, find the approval ratings for Akron ALJs at the Social Security Office of Hearing.

    Aliberti, Louis75%
    Goodrich, Paula J49%
    Lohr, Mary62%
    Raeber, Jeffrey57%
    Schmitz, Michael F56%
    Sheperd, Reuben54%
    Shinn, Charles58%
    Smoot, Susan45%

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