Future of GM Plant Shakes Up Northeast Ohio, Forcing Many to Consider Social Security Disability Benefits

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    YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – With the November 2018 General Motors announcement of the upcoming halt of production in its Lordstown, OH plant, employees are left wondering, “What’s next?”. This announcement, along with other shift terminations, has led to over 2,745 jobs being eliminated in the area since 2017.

    Social Security disability attorney, Michael Liner, has witnessed the ups and downs of unemployment in the area. “Historically, a drought in the local economy has led to a surge in disability applications. . .” Attorney Liner continued, “Unfortunately, what often happens is that the people who struggle the most to find employment are those who were sick or injured, but had managed to hang onto their jobs before the economic turn.”

    The closure of the GM Lordstown plant will no doubt have a long-term effect on Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. For 52 years, the plant employed thousands of workers who built homes, raised families, and supported the local economy. Now displaced, former GM employees are forced to look at every option available–including the decision to try to obtain social security benefits.

    Attorney Liner states “Often, especially when in response to job loss, people apply for disability and then start treating for their health issues.  [T]his can lead to quick and unnecessary denials by Social Security—and a several year appeal process for the client.”  He advises, “When deciding to apply for Social Security benefits, treat [health issues] then apply. Put the horse before the cart.”

    Former GM Lordstown employees interested in pursuing social security disability benefits can contact Liner Legal or call (216) 282-1773 for more information.