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    Workers Compensation Sandusky Ohio

    If you’re injured on the job, workers compensation lawyers in Sandusky, Ohio can help you get insurance that your employer provides employees when injuries and illnesses take place.

    Your company should provide workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured on the job or the injury results from work you performed for the company. In fact, most states require companies to have workers’ compensation insurance in place for worker protection and coverage.

    Companies sometimes argue with workers over claims. After all, the more claims that are filed, the higher the premium they have to pay, so they certainly will try to keep their costs down. A company does have a right to dispute a claim, but employees also have the right to fight those disputes.

    One of the tactics a company will use is to hire a private investigator to monitor your actions while you’re away from work. They want to make sure employees are not faking injuries or the severity of an injury. The legal term for this is “malingering,” faking an illness, injury, or disability for financial gain. For example, if you claim to have a debilitating back injury, but then investigators show video of you chopping wood or carrying a 75-pound bag of dog food, that doesn’t look good.

    Many companies will fight claims that they feel are not work-related or not serious enough to warrant a claim. Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome are a good example.

    One of the main reasons companies file disputes is because the employee has lack of medical evidence and records to show the injury and progression of that injury. Make sure you have your medical records pulled together before you file your claim.

    Employers are required to deny your claim in writing and they have to give a valid reason. The top three reasons given are that the injury didn’t take place at work, your injury doesn’t require medical treatment, or your injury is not serious enough that you need time off of work.

    Whether you’re thinking of filing a claim or in the midst of a claim dispute, Liner Legal can help. We are workers comp lawyers in Sandusky, Ohio and we specialize in these cases. We’ll review your case and will likely request a hearing with the Ohio state board.

    If you become injured on the job, these benefits are there for your protection and you have every right to use them. When you use these benefits, you do give up the option of filing a lawsuit against the company.

    Liner Legal has helped many workers in Sandusky file for and successfully utilize these benefits. In fact, many of our current Sandusky clients were referred to our office by other satisfied clients for whom we successfully settled these disputes. We can help. We have the patience and the perseverance to pursue your claim, and that’s why we’re a preferred provider in Sandusky. We want you as a client, so call us today.