Season’s Greetings: Check Out Your Year-End Legal Checklist for Social Security Disability

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    Season's Greetings: Check Out Your Year-End Legal Checklist for Social Security Disability

    The year is coming to end, and the Disability Warriors at Liner Legal want to make sure YOU are prepared! As we approach the end of the year, it’s crucial to ensure that your legal matters are in order, safeguarding your benefits. Here is a specialized year-end checklist for those receiving benefits:

    1. Social Security Benefits Review: Check your current status and any upcoming changes in your Social Security benefits.
    2. Update Your Will: Make sure your will reflects your current wishes.
    3. Trust Arrangements: Review and update any trust arrangements.
    4. Power of Attorney: Verify that your power of attorney is current and appropriate for your circumstances.
    5. Healthcare Directives: Update your healthcare directives to reflect any changes in your health or preferences.
    6. Beneficiary Designations: Review and update beneficiaries on life insurance and retirement accounts, ensuring they align with Social Security guidelines.
    7. Trust Review: If you have a trust, ensure it is in line with your Social Security benefits.
    8. Eligibility for Government Benefits: Examine all legal documents to ensure they comply with eligibility criteria for Social Security and other government benefits.
    9. Emergency Plan Update: Update your emergency plan to ensure it’s consistent with Social Security requirements.
    10. Annual Legal Consultation: Schedule a year-end legal consultation to address any new or changing needs, especially those related to Social Security benefits.

    At Liner Legal, we are dedicated to fighting for our clients. This checklist is just the beginning. Contact us for a thorough review of your legal needs, and let’s make sure you’re well-prepared for the coming year.