PASS Plans

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    Plan to Achieve Self Support. This is a written plan for a person to get a specific job or start a business. Somewhat like a business plan, PASS plans include the steps you will take and things you will need to achieve your work goal. For example, education, training, and assistive technology. Also, how you will pay for these things – benefits, savings, money from working. You must also identify a timetable for achieving your goal.

    If SSA approves your program, they will not count the money that goes towards your plan against your SSI. You can write your plan yourself or get help from a friend/family member or a vocational rehabilitation counselor.

    You can get a copy of the PASS application form SSA-545-BK from your local Social Security office or online at You can also call SSA’s national toll-free number (800) 772-1213 and ask for the contact information for a PASS specialist. If you live in Ohio, here are the numbers you can call:

    1. If you live in Toledo, you can call 866-318-1858, ext. 28449.
    2. If you live anywhere else in Northern Ohio, you can also call (877) 696-9399, ext 14303.
    3. If you live in Southern Ohio, you can call 877-841-5712, ext. 20910.