Onset Date for Disability

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    Onset Date Of Disability

    If you have been recently injured or diagnosed with a condition that prevents you from working, you can apply for Social Security Disability benefits. There are many conditions or injuries that qualify as disabled. You should consult a social security disability attorney to discuss your condition and how you can apply for benefits.

    There is an alleged onset date (AOD) that you should be aware of when applying for social security disability. This date reflects when you were first unable to work. When you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, you can receive retro pay for as far back as one year from the day that you apply for benefits.

    Your AOD is very important. It determines when you actually became disabled. This affects your entire social security disability claim. You need to be considered disabled for a certain length of time in order to receive disability benefits.

    If you have been disabled and unable to work, but have not applied for social security benefits, you should ask a lawyer if you qualify for backpay. The back pay would be from the time you became affected by the injury or medical condition, as long as it does not go back further than a full year. This is your alleged onset date.

    It is best to consult with a social security disability attorney to discuss how you qualify for the onset date. Social Security Disability is a complex process, and you will benefit greatly from the assistance of a disability lawyer. They will help explain the process to you while ensuring you have a strong case to win your claim.

    If you have been denied an onset date, or you have been denied your disability benefits altogether, a disability attorney will help you with your appeal. You have a better chance of winning your appeal with the lawyer by your side.

    A social security disability attorney has the expertise to help you win your case. They are aware of all of the documentation and evidence that you will need to an accurate onset date. They are also aware of additional information that you will want to have to make your case strong.

    When you hire a social security disability attorney, they will ensure that you receive all of the benefits that you qualify for and that you deserve. They will ensure that you receive back pay for your AOD, should you qualify. Your lawyer will make sure that you are aware of the entire process.