Learn American Sign Language with Uber

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    Uber’s American Sign Language Tool

    Do you know how to say “hello” or “goodbye” in American Sign Language (ASL)? What about how to sign your name in ASL? It is easy to learn simple conversations in ASL, thanks to Uber. Uber launched an easy-to-use online resource to teach riders how to communicate with their deaf or hard-of-hearing drivers.

    To access this incredible feature, all users have to do is visit their site and start learning! Simply type in your name, and the program takes you to a screen where you can learn a variety of simple phrases in ASL. These include: “Hello,” “Thank You,” “Turn Left,” and, of course, how to spell your name. Pre-recorded videos and photos of the phrases are provided to create a user-friendly platform to learn the language.

    Ray Wilson, a Deaf Uber driver, loves to drive around the city and suburbs of Cleveland finding back roads for quick trips. Wilson uses Uber’s useful texting feature to communicate with passengers and has had any only one instance where there was an issue with communication. Being a driver for Uber started out as a second job for Wilson, but quickly became his full-time occupation. “I love to drive, so I gave an Uber job a try,” he says. “Since then I love my job.”

    Uber also provides flashing tip requests, text-only communication, and notifications for riders to know they have a Deaf or hard-of-hearing driver. Uber’s newest resource, their American Sign Language tool, is a new way to start a conversation between rider and driver.

    At Liner Legal, we are so thrilled to see changes like these being made. If you have faced discrimination from being Deaf, contact Liner Legal today. We understand what you’re going through and want to help you.