Additional Disability Resources in the Community

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    Additional Disability Resources in the Community

    When you choose to have Liner Legal help with your Social Security Disability case, we don’t just help with your case. We also assist in helping you find other resources you may find beneficial.

    Below is a list of local resources our firm endorses and believes you will find helpful.

    Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation

    This organization helps provide services for those with disabilities. Their programs are put in place to help people get and maintain jobs. Each service is customized based on assessments and one-on-one meetings that people have with VR counselors. According to their website, the supportive services they offer include:

    • Evaluation and treatment of a person’s disability
    • Information and referral services
    • Vocational counseling and training
    • Job search and placement assistance
    • Educational guidance
    • ransportation services
    • Personal attendant services (interpreter, reader, etc.)

    The Cleveland BVR location is at 14650 Detroit Ave., Suite 200 Lakewood, OH 44107.

    Disability Rights Ohio

    “Disability Rights Ohio is a non-profit corporation with a mission to advocate for the human, civil and legal rights of people with disabilities in Ohio.” This organization helps to provide people with legal advocacy and rights protection to those who have disabilities. They assist people who are experiencing problems with “abuse, neglect, discrimination, access to assistive technology, special education, housing, employment, community integration, voting and rights protection issues,” according to their website.

    Find a full list of their programs on their website. Disability Rights Ohio is located in Columbus, OH but you can call them at 614-466-7264.

    Greater Cleveland Food Bank

    The Greater Cleveland Food Bank provides full-time Benefits Outreach Counselors that are available to the community. These counselors are available to help people complete applications for a variety of programs the food bank provides. According to their website, some of these programs include:

    • SNAP (food stamps)
    • Prescription benefits
    • Child care vouchers
    • WIC
    • Medicare

    People who make less than $1,264 or families of four who have an income of less than $2,584 could be eligible for assistance. You can contact the Greater Cleveland Food Bank’s Help Center at 216-738-2067.