5 Reasons Veterans Need a Disability Attorney in Ohio

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    When a veteran applies for disability services, he or she has to wait six months before receiving a notice, and if he or she is rejected, an appeal can take another six months to two years for it to get to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. Even then, getting any news from the BVA usually takes about two years. So, a claim for VA benefits can take up to ten years; meanwhile, life goes on for that Veteran. Bills need to paid, mouths need to be fed, and clothes need to be bought. With an attorney, however, one has a much better chance of winning his or her claim the first time, and here are a few reasons why:

    1. Knowledge of the Application Process

    Hiring a VA lawyer to help with your application is a smart move. This part marks the beginning of the process, so starting on the right foot is important. Your lawyer can help you navigate the paperwork so that you have a better chance of winning your case the first time.

    2. Knowledge of the Law

    After the paperwork, you will have to present the case in court, so you will need the necessary medical summaries and evidence needed for the case. Furthermore, the attorney will help you argue your case as well. And, he will have knowledge of past cases that can apply to your case.

    3. Knowledge of the Appeal Process

    If, by chance, your case is rejected, you don’t want to give up. You are going to want to file an appeal. Of course, your lawyer can help you figure that process out as well. Moreover, your attorney can apply past cases to help you win your benefits.

    4. Higher Compensation Totals

    Your attorney can also make sure you don’t get jibbed. He or she will know how much compensation you deserve, especially if past, successful, cases demonstrate that you deserve more. It is this knowledge that you are really getting when you pay for an attorney.

    5. Higher Success Rates

    Veterans can choose from myriad of options to help represent or assist them with their case, but those with an attorney by their side have the lowest rejection rate, especially in front of the BVA, at 17.7 percent. Additionally, those with representation also are more likely to have successful appeals, averaging at 32.7 percent. Overall, the numbers don’t lie; an attorney will help your case immensely.