Three Reasons You May Have Been Denied Disability Benefits

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    Many disability claims are denied the first time they are processed. Even though you may consider yourself to be disabled, the Social Security Administration (SSA) might not agree. Their standards are strict and adhered to closely. Sometimes claims are denied for other reasons that are easily avoidable with a bit of knowledge and forethought. To have the best chance of having your claim approved, you need to know the possible pitfalls so you can avoid them.

    You don’t Fit the Qualification Standards

    The SSA looks at specific information to determine your qualification for disability benefits. If you do not meet the qualifications, your claim will be denied. Some of the primary factors that will result in a claim denial include:

    1. You make more than $1,170 per month
    2. Your condition has not lasted at least one year
    3. Your condition is not severe enough
    4. You have not earned enough work credits
    5. You can work at a job that is related to your former type of employment

    You Have Shown a Lack of Cooperation

    The SSA expects complete cooperation from those who are seeking assistance through disability benefits. If you show a lack of cooperation in any of the following ways, your claim will likely be denied:

    1. You do not follow the therapies that were prescribed by your medical provider
    2. You cannot be found when the SSA tries to locate or contact you
    3. You have provided the wrong documentation to support your case
    4. You have provided incomplete or inaccurate information
    5. You refuse to release your medical records to the SSA

    Your Actions

    Sometimes a disability claim can be denied because of actions that were made by an applicant. If you engaged in the following specific activities your claim will most likely be denied:

    1. Your disability is a result of drug addiction or alcoholism
    2. You have been convicted of a crime
    3. You have submitted a fraudulent claim
    4. Someone else submitted a fraudulent claim on your behalf
    5. If the SSA discovers you are already receiving benefits due to a fraudulent claim, the benefits will be revoked immediately.

    If you have questions regarding your disability application denial, or if you would like help with an appeal, contact Liner Legal today. Our qualified and experienced attorneys are here to help you get the benefits you deserve.